Ruchika Muchhala

Ruchika Muchhala is an award-winning nonfiction director, producer and design researcher. Having been raised in Indonesia and Singapore by South Asian parents, she Identifies as a  “third culture kid” who believes that our stories bridge communities and cultures. Ruchika has co-produced and directed “The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar” commissioned by television broadcasters which was featured on BBC World along with international film festivals; and “Beyond Bollywood” which has been distributed widely and can be watched on Netflix. She has worked on several digital and television projects for television companies internationally for over a decade. Additionally, her experiences have taken her from Indonesia to Kazakhstan, to train and educate communities on storytelling and video production skills.


With a MFA in Design for Social Innovation, Ruchika is now integrating her nonfiction filmmaking skills and media training experience to work with corporate clients and foundations to design research to prompt engagement and social impact.


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