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 R U C H I K A   M U C H H A L A


Ruchika Muchhala at Q&A for "Beyond Bollywood" at New York University
Ruchika Muchhala at Q&A for “Beyond Bollywood” at New York University

I am a storyteller and strategist.

 My goal is to be able to connect the dots to tell authentic stories that drive innovation and spark change.

Ruchika Muchhala is an award-winning filmmaker and television producer who has ten years of experience working as a non-fiction producer and director. She has produced documentaries for television and digital platforms as well as nonprofits. Her two two feature length documentaries, “The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar” and “Beyond Bollywood”, both of which she produced and directed, have been broadcasted and screened at various film festivals and universities internationally.

As a storytelling strategist, Ruchika wants to work with communities, not for them to tell the bigger story and help solve big problems.

Ruchika is a third culture kid who is born and raised in Indonesia and later Singapore by Indian parents. Growing up during a time of rapid economic growth which led to a financial crisis, she was influenced by the world around her and began to document stories of people around her through photographs.

She went on to study Film and Sociology and holds a B.A. from The University of Michigan. Upon graduating, she moved to Mumbai, her parent’s hometown in India, to work on documentary films and work with community media initiatives. Her professional experiences have led her to travel extensively, from being back in Indonesia to far away in Kazakhstan.

Upon directing two feature documentaries, Ruchika was inspired to create the next actionable step and decided to go back to school so that she could integrate her work as a storyteller with communications design, systems thinking and design research practices. She holds a M.F.A in Design for Social Innovation at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she is currently based.

Ruchika serves on the selection committee of the Ethnografilm Festival held annually in Paris, has been invited to guest lecture at Yale University, New York University, The New School and Sewanee University, and is a mentor with New York New Women advising young women with life and career choices.

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As a documentary filmmaker, I am well-versed in practicing ‘sponge mode’, in which you listen, observe and discuss issues with communities and interview subjects.  I want to integrate my researching and interviewing techniques to design research that helps to drive innovation.  As a media trainer, I’m interested in creating participatory research methods with communities so that they can document and collect their own data.


To find insights, I synthesize the stories and data collected by organizing and analyzing the raw footage. As a content curator, I make connections between stories and as a content creator, I string out story arcs and structure stories that create empathy and awareness on research insights.  These stories can be used for internal communication to help to drive innovation, or to create visual content for social media platforms to tell a brand/organization’s story.

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