Ruchika Muchhala

Ruchika Muchhala is an award-winning storyteller who works at the intersection of human-centered design and storytelling where she designs research, produces nonfiction stories and facilitates workshops and trainings.

Ruchika has directed and produced two feature documentaries – “The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar” produced by NHK Japan and Caldecott Media and featured on various festivals, educational institutions and channels including BBC World; and “Beyond Bollywood”, distributed by Journeymen TV and is available internationally on Netflix. With over a decade of experience in the television and film industry, Ruchika has produced television shows and documentaries for VICE Media, MTV, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Crime & Investigation Channel, RedBull TV, and so on. More recently, Ruchika led a pilot project for a large health client in New Jersey where she combined human-centered design and media training facilitation with her extensive background in nonfiction storytelling.

Identifying as a third culture kid, having been raised in Indonesia and Singapore by South Asian parents and being a part of an international community, Ruchika believes that in order to get to the root cause and tackle systemic issues,the very first step is for people to be able to tell their own stories. Ruchika holds a MFA in Design for Social Innovation from The School of Visual Arts and a BA in Film/Video Studies and Gender Studies from The University of Michigan.

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