Digital Work Samples

Food for Thought – RWJ Barnabas Health (Client Work)

Citizen Journalism + Visual Ethnography

The first video is an example of citizen journalism and incorporating camera phone footage into a narrative documentary film.

The second video is an example of using interviews and archival materials to establish the historical context of a city.

Broadly – Vice Media

Brand Identity, Multiple Storytelling Formats

This is a reel of a part of the trailer/sizzle created to launch Vice Media’s female-focused platform, Broadly, and some of the short-format and longer-format pieces that I worked on story producing and writing scripts for.

Pimp Your Rickshaw – MTV

(Profile piece)

This short 1 minute video showcases an interesting subject who is a part of the community and reveals what is unique about him and why he is motivated to do what he does. I produced, scripted and edited this piece.

MiLES Campaign Video – MiLES (Pro-Bono Client Work) 

(Profile piece)

This is an excerpt of another style of a profile piece which I shot, produced, scripted and edited. I produced a series of these for the nonprofit’s social media page.

The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar – NHK Japan/Caldecott Singapore 

(Long-format Documentary Film Trailer)

Trailer of a long-form documentary film which was broadcasted on international channels, including BBC World, and international film festivals and academic institutions. Winner of the Silver Award for Best Social Issues Documentary at The New York Television Festival 2012. I produced and co-directed this feature-length documentary film.

Beyond Bollywood – Available on Netflix 

(Long-format Documentary Film Trailer)

Trailer of a long-form cinema-verity style documentary film which follows the lives of four artists and workers who work on the fringes of the world’s largest film industry. The film has broadcasted on various television channels and screened at international film festivals, academic institutions and is now available on Netflix.