A New Command – League of Legends


A new command in League of Legends?

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  1. This command is good, if your winning and you blew their entire base with no more towers and only nexus remaining and clearly your team has won the fucken game with full gears, then equilize it for a tense match. I would do it for the fun. Its pretty much put you into a situation for and even stage again, its like 2nd round.

  2. Its not a feature meant to go into live servers… Its there to test things out. Try some things in the late game and see how they work in an even game instead of a game you already won. Thats the point of the pbe: testings things out.

  3. The feature is there, so both teams can test out their champs under normal circumstances because the pbe is a testing ground…

  4. Point of the pbe is to test things, not to win – getting stomped doesn't give you an opportunity to test things, specifically testing testing a full build of items on a particular champion

  5. I believe this feature is PBE exclusive….
    Since PBE is FOR TESTING! And you give a chance to the enemy team to test the stuff like new items or champs.

  6. That's why we still have many bugs, bad nerf, bad buff and shit, that's because players in PBE are try harding, instead of testing, like wtf

  7. Holy shit do you actually not see the point of this button? It's PBE, it's for the game to last longer and test more features.

  8. It is a testing server. You can test the champion for longer. The pbe was created to test things, some champions need more time to scale, it tells you more about the champ


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