A New Warriors Game!! | Warriors: Clans Divided Hunting Demo


There’s a new Warriors fangame in town, and it’s called Clans Divided! Although early in development, the game is already shaping up to be pretty darn awesome, and today we jump in to check out the latest public demo, which showcases the game’s hunting system!
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  1. Will there be clans from the series? Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan, and the Tribe of Rushing Water? Is there an option to start out as a kittypet?

  2. Hey Jay! This game is beautiful and you're right, the hunting mechanics can be easily misunderstood! If this game is based on the real way on how cats hunt, the circle indicates the preys alertness, which makes sense because when you slow down, it slows down as well. Animals can feel vibrations through the ground, especially prey animals! The closer you are to your prey, the more intense the vibrations you put out. Green seems to mean its fully aware of you and will run.

  3. Hey Jay! Icefeather (Chratis, the maker of the game) also input a scenting system that shows you the nearest scent! It's that small green circle in the right corner of your screen with the yellow line around it. The closer/stronger a smell is, the more the yellow grows, facing that scent. Hope that helps with tracking!

  4. It's a timer! It's the limited time you have till the prey notices you. As soon as the circle starts pounce!

  5. I keep getting angrier when you say "When its green, the higher chance you will succeed" And im just like No JaY tHaT's ThE cOmPlEtElY WrOnG tHiNg! >w<

  6. Maybe when it’s green it shows how noticed you are by the prey. So maybe they are more alert and are more sensitive.

  7. I am pretty positive that the green means that the prey is more sure to see you and run away. So the less circle there is, the prey doesn't see you but once it reaches a green or closer to circle, it sees you.


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