Arcade Longplay [225] CarnEvil


Played by: Aero

Video contents:

00:00 Intro
01:57 Attract Mode
03:44 Haunted House
09:59 Rickety Town
15:58 The Freak Show
22:38 The Big Top
30:01 Ending Sequence
31:32 Credits
37:01 Deaddy (Alternate Freak Show Boss)

When the moon is full and trees are bare
walk to the cemetery if you dare
where skeletons rot and corpses fester
locate the tomb with the skull of a jester
feed him a token all shiny and new
it is then that CarnEvil will return for YOU!

CarnEvil is a 1998 halloween-themed rail shooter by Midway. It features 4 levels with tons of different enemies, nice pre-rendered backgrounds and a fantastic original soundtrack. As far as I know, Midway planned to port this game over to PlayStation 2 but cancelled it for unknown reasons.

In the operator menu, there is an option to switch off the big baby boss from the freak show level, which is then replaced by a big dead teddy (deaddy). Maybe Midway thought it could be disturbing to shoot a baby, I don’t know. Anyway, I added the alternate boss to the end of the video.

Note: There is a 2 seconds sequence of audio missing in the freak show level. This was due to sync problems during the recording, that I had to fix in Premiere Pro.


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  1. I’m telling ya if they make a remake of this and it’s a lot more scary people will dig it from the new and old players.

  2. Totentaker token- Idiot who came up with eating Bat Soup and the Wuhan Wet Market.

    Umlaut’s head- Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

  3. Wish I could mod an arcade 1 up machine to play this with light guns ! I need to start doing my homework on how to do this mods myself lol

  4. If I remember right, I think this game was in our local Pizza Hut. Fucking crazy, thinking about that now.

  5. Has anybody noticed that the zombies in the Haunted House level look exactly like the ones from the FPS Blood?


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