Blasto (PSone Game)


1998. The Playstation was king. Sony was feeling cocky. Using artists from Ren & Stimpy, they created Blasto. In one of the first successful attempts to do so, Blasto employs celebrity voice talent – the late, great, Phil Hartman, voices Captain Blasto.

Despite a towering mountain of hype, Blasto was a case of style and glamour over substance. The game was beautiful by Playstation standards, but frusterating difficult to play. Perhaps Sony Interactive wanted the game to be difficult, much like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 3 are for today’s gamers, but Blasto’s controls were nowhere near responsive enough for this, and numerous jumping puzzles combined with Blasto’s stubby jumping height mean many jumps are difficult to make – add on to all of that endlessly respawning enemies – and lots of frusterating, unnecessary deaths are to follow. The game was panned by critics and not well accepted.

In it, you play as Blasto, a wise cracking space captain who goes around the galaxy saving babes from aliens. A sequel was planned, but when Hartman died, it was canceled.

The framerate craps out in spots because I played this via emulation, and it was streaming content from the disc.




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  1. Ok like 15 years later and I’m not sure if anyone will respond but can someone please confirm that he says “going down” when he falls? I’ve been telling my husband about this game for years and couldn’t remember the name and part of the argument is that he says going down when he falls. Someone help lol

  2. People Say is Early Version of Captain Qwark on Ratchet & Clank Series, Other People Say is Early Version of Zapp Brannigan on Futurama

  3. I got here after watching a vid from watchmojo. I totally forgot about this game! My 5 year old mind couldnt brave these caves but i olayed through it with all i had. XD

    Nostalgia Be creeping up in my brain with this game!

  4. Looking for years for this game, but I always thought it was some guy with a flaming head shooting at weird floating monsters. I guess my 5 – 7 year old brain remembers things awkwardly and now that I'm 20, always remembered it as much until today.

    Never remember if it was bad or good, all I know was that I like holding a controller in my hands.

  5. Loved this game! Played it so much I could clear every lvl of every alien (got all the hidden goodies too)…my son was little and used to watch me play it…after a while could get thru it pretty easily…it was hard game to beat but so much fun!!

  6. Too bad the game is too much of an asshole to beat it. Although I'm stuck on final boss, its been like this for 9 years .-.

  7. !!! ah shit! i finally figured out the name of this game! some parts were really creepy as a kid, great game though. shit.. i remember having the demo disk.

  8. so do i! 😀 and there was another game i liked i cant reamber the name of it.. but u had to like run and the stuff behind u was falling.. i loved that game and this one was fun also 😀

  9. I don't remember this game being so crappy :'(

    Anyway I'll play it again someday.

    Maybe I'll even make a parody game…

  10. vaya este juego komo lo rekuerdo uuu eso si estaba muy tiernoo!!! pero xingon komo akabe el juego de poka madre de este maldito blasto me hase reir jaaa k tiempos akellos jajajaja!!!

  11. you should do a video on blastos deathe phrases everytime he dies he says something funny i thought it was funny

  12. i never got past level 3 because at the time i didn't have a memory card and had to restart the game every time i put it in

  13. I've been trying to find the name of this game for so long. I kept remembering " Johnny bravo with red shirt and flame hair who killed aliens"

  14. This is the first game that taught me to read reviews before blowing my meager odd job money on a crappy game.

  15. i rember playing this game when I was a kid, I was to stupid to get past level 4 lol, fun game brings back memories 🙂

  16. @BlazeHedgehog on the whole "Sony feeling cocky", it was 98' man, and PLAYSTATION was the big hit. look at how many weird games came out on the NES back in the day. its a revolving door bro.

  17. @lanthehillbilly You can download the ISO of this game and play it on an emulator.. I get all of my isos from emuparadise . org … just look under the playstation section..


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