Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Full Game (HD)(Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox, Wii)


Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Full Game (HD)(Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox, Wii)

0:01:32 – Training Day

0:14:05 – Skies of Dunkirk

0:20:34 – Dunkirk Evacuation

0:29:17 – London 1940

0:42:48 – Desert Reconnaissance

0:49:36 – Desert Bats Attack

0:59:06 – Day of Infamy

1:15:10 – Surprise Attack

1:22:04 – Midway: Opening Moves

1:32:10 – Midway: Turning Point

1:46:09 – Holding Guadalcanal

1:58:22 – Rabaul Raid

2:12:05 – Top Secret

2:24:33 – D-Day Normandy

2:37:05 – Paris: La Liberation

2:51:54 – Counter Attack

3:06:44 – Flying Fortresses

3:16:57 – Berlin 1945

3:33:09 – Credits

3:38:21 – End, Thank You!


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  1. I play this game on the computer and I fly allied aircraft of the United States against its enemies, I become the champion against Germany, Italy, and Japan, it feels like World War 2 and the location of the enemy that the fight is like is in the village of Ratujaya (Indonesia), its land and islands, the game this game Airplane / Combat Ship that fights the forces of Adolf HItler, Benitto Musollini, and Emperor Hirohitto and in this game we play as a hero / hero who fights his enemies / criminals … for those who have played this computer game can be tried or watched, yes Blezing Angel feels like flying a plane and becoming a pilot in the real world and really, please try or watch … Tafadol Bekheir

  2. ane main game ini di Komputer dan ane menerbangkan pesawat sekutu Amerika Serikat melawan musuhnya, ane jadi jagoannya melawan Negara Jerman,Italia,dan Jepang iya serasa perang dunia 2 dan lokasi musuhnya yang dilawan jagoannya serasa di Desa Ratujaya (Indonesia) datarannya dan pulaunya,game ini game Pesawat Terbang/Kapal Tempur yang memenrangi pasukan Adolf HItler, Benitto Musollini, dan Kaisar Hirohitto dan di game ini kita berperan sebagai jagoan/pahlawan yang melawan musuhnya/penjahatnya…bagi ente yang pernah maen komputer game ini bisa dicoba atau ditonton,iya Blezing Angel serasa menerbangkan pesawat dan jadi pilot didunia nyata dan beneran, silahkan ente coba atau tonton…Tafadol Bekheir

  3. Remember on the Wii when Joe died on French soil (Normandy) and was confused on why it happened and wanted to cry as a kid but you were also angry so you didn't know what to do.

  4. The ps3 version had way more planes and missions. Remember when games had fucking different versions and they were unique to one another? XD man those were the days.

  5. YOU must go inside of cabin in aircraft. it is more easy and more intresting…
    at list for mission 15. top secret… i had done it, with out loosing….

  6. I only know of this game by the Arcade version, ddn't actually knew it existed outside, great to see it again.

  7. Does this game have a level that focuses on the Battle Of Y-29 (an American Air Force base near Asch, Belgium)?


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