Can I Beat The Pikes Peak Hillclimb Record?


Doing this in sim makes me respect the real life cars/drivers even more.

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  1. when you dont feel the gforces, and also the steering wheel doesnt put backwards forces in sims, its way easier.

  2. Can anyone tell me what the thing in the middle of the windshield is? It look's like a windshield wiper, does it help the aero or is it an antenna or something? Tried googling it but couldn't find the answer. Thanks!

  3. Commentary is top notch, but it was the first of his videos i'd clicked on. I wish i'd known it was a simulation. Big lol at me!

  4. Do you need mirrors for these kind of race and track? is it possible if we dont use mirrors to decrease drag and weight?

  5. Are you people serious… they call this 'realistic' when the physics in real life would NOT allow this?

  6. My mom: gujju get the pots ready for the daily drinking water government drive giving us 5 litres per day for a family of 4…since the local pond got contaminated by an illegal cotton factory…
    me: shut up mom… jimmy about to make a record… I hate you… if only you spent a little time understanding my interest…

  7. If talking while driving distracts him,

    imagine him drive without talking

    please do this idea as a video!
    like so he can see this

  8. Meeh,it’s the new pikes peak 🤷🏻‍♂️would like to see you in an S1 beating the old time from Mr.Röhrl,would be pretty interesting.

  9. this video was really cool you got another sub
    although just would like to point out, that was the not the evo version of the 919 thats the lmp1 version but hey does that really matter

  10. It’s the 2nd video that I’m watching on your channel and tbh, your commentary is damn spot on. How come you ain’t a professional motorsports commentator yet?

  11. But does the simulation take the reduction of oxygen as you climb? Definitely affects aero and engine performance


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