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The wrestling market has a new game, and it’s the over-the-top action of Chikara Action Arcade Wrestling.

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About Chikara Action Arcade Wrestling

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling takes the best parts of wrestling games from the 16-bit era like “Wrestlefest” and “Saturday Night Slam Masters” and launches them into the future with the power of Unreal Engine 4. Choose from a roster of top CHIKARA stars, or create your own wrestlers, rings, titles and federations to do battle in the most over-the-top CHIKARA wrestling ever conceived.

Developed by VICO Game Studio, CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling is a fun, fast-paced arcade-style 2.5D action wrestling game with a cel-shaded look. It has hundreds of unique animations, realistic cloth and rope physics, and a simple 2-action-button control scheme, ideal for gamepad or keyboard. Players can compete online or locally to determine who the wrestling champion of the world is, and can even pit two AI controlled wrestlers against each other to settle disputes
without any human interference.

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  1. who cares about entrances, we all know that most people watch them a few times before turning them off.
    as long the controlls are not as shit as the japanese game then this might be a great game

    fire pro is too hard for newcomers and i really don't want to learn in a game that does not respect a newcomers difficulty.. even easy is hard in that game if you don't know the controlls

  2. Awesome. It looks like it'd add a much needed variety from the wwe 2k games. IMO wwe 2k 's biggest issues are the controls, and also trying to hard to be a simulation. Something with a less convoluted control and game play scheme might help make a much more fun game. Because IMO anyway, it's all about smacking the crap out of a AI. And not about how close it might match to TV.

  3. They need a GM Mode. Fire Promoter made FPWW something else entirely!

    Honestly, I feel like a solely GM mode based wrestling game would sell like hot cakes!


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