Crazy Daygame Marathon By Sasha Daygame


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  1. Wowsers! 8 Years later and peeps are still watching this video. I'll take it as a compliment! 😀

    If anyone has randomly found this video… realize I've evolved a ton since then – and my life is about helping men become the best/highest version of themselves, in all the areas of their life. Check out my Infinite Man Channel – this video about social freedom (My real gift) is a good start. Hope you all find what you are looking for…. 😉

  2. Whatever anyone says about his game he turns up and has the balls to at least try

    And showing the fails and how to not be affected was awesome

  3. One thing that is not criminal but very bad from seduction businesses is that

    They Don t tell all the truth I have been day gaming since 10 years with no success at all

    They need to say passing shit test is capital is you don't plow after the test you will never get laid

    They don't say that if you take no for an answer you will never get laid even of you try a million times

    I am sure there are more secrets they are keeping they talk about shit test but they Don t present them as

    Capital and a make or break thing that unless you try again after a no you will never get laid that is

    Very dishonest from them to have guys keep watching videos that will not have they get laid

    Very unfriendly to do such a thing guys can buy all their products and never get laid

  4. You guys don't realize he's doing this out of fun and with an absolute IDGAF mindset. If you're a handsome, stylish fella, you have nothing to lose and the world to gain by doing daygame.

    He's just showing you the way.
    Shut up and learn….

  5. I can almost guarantee that this guy doesn't get laid at all. He approaches, chats, and that's the end of it. This is not a way to approach for anyone if they actually want to get laid. This girl's treat him like a clown

  6. I love how you owned your eccentricity in every interaction. You were unapologetically yourself. Goals. The best example of I can only control how I respond.

  7. I love the honesty of the video. The amount of rejections is very refreshing. This proves men shouldn't be discouraged if they're confident.

  8. Glad I found this right now,, get me another strong pumped to go out more and approach more women.. Sasha is as funny as fuck!

  9. Sure, going this random helps build up your game and social dynamics. You might get alotta rejections, but youll meet with successes too. Better than nothing

  10. As soon as you tell a woman to not panic… You instill fear… I have to say the first part of this video was hard to watch because he's failing miserably but I give the guy credit that he's admonishing his failures…. grwat work

  11. i senn ten minutes his level of fail s is epic, i think his aesthetics sucks, and he aprooch looks like a fan, females hate both of that things if you ara a pick up artist that should be basic stuff sorry my english

  12. Wait, so the way to attract women outside of a night out is to run up in front and then block their path and say "I'm not crazy or anything"?

  13. Why the fuck there are so many haters in comments, Guy got some ballz, he's having big fun, making girls smile… 99% guys from comment section would look stiff in approach, you can see experience in Sasha. And Sasha, if you somehow reead this- thanks for the inspiration, all the knowledge and i wish you even more amazing life than you already have, Big thanks for helping other man.


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