Detailed Overview: Moultrie Trace Security Camera


This Moultrie Trace security/game camera has survived 3 years of rigorous testing in very wet weather here in North Carolina deer and foxes on video in this short clip, but there’s a ton of detail, day or night, in the 720 HD clips. The different settings and photo resolutions (up to 3 image bursts) are also explained in the menu shots included in the video—which is a ton better and faster than listening to my monotone voiceover. Comment and like if you enjoy what you see. You can’t go wrong with this unit guarding the house (including Hurricane Matthew) and it’s still running like a champ. Field of view isn’t the biggest in the industry, as you’ll see by the or watching the trail. *Update: The unit died on Oct. 12, 2017, after three years, just shortly after I posted this….doa, won’t take a pic/video.


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