Dirt Rally PIKES PEAK FULL COURSE! (Xbox One Gameplay)


Dirt Rally Xbox One Pikes Peak Full Gameplay
Hey guy’s! In today’s video I attempt a run at the fearsome PIkes Peak course in Dirt Rally! I am loving the game so far, it has a good mix of accessability but difficulty at the same time and I hope to be playing it for a while to come.

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►Case: NZXT Source 340
►Processor: Intel i5 4690k
►RAM: 8GB DDR3 HyperX Fury
►Motherboard: Z97-HD3 DDR3
►Graphics: AMD R9 380
►Fan: Corsair Hydro SS
►HD: Seagate 2TB Sata-III
►SSD: Samsung 120GB Sata-III
►Monitors: BenQ 22″ LED (x2)

►Xbox One, Xbox 360
►Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia
►Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Add on
►Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter
►Turtle Beach X04 Headphones
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  1. I completed it in 8:02 with the same 208, the community delta leaderboards are full of hackers so I guess it's pretty pointless now…

  2. I actually drove to the top of Pikes peak about a year ago and was going slow as fuck. It was quite scary. No guard rails at some points. The guy that broke the world record has got some balls for sure

  3. Loving the dirt 4 stuff supergt
    But is the mid v6 really that hard to slide? Some of your corners are extremely sloppy and disappointing, you can do better

  4. Does not matter if it’s Forza 7, DIRT, Gt Sport or mario kart heheh 😏 I am just a huge SUPER GT fan legend and love the channel. Also find it inspirational and especially you’re forza 6 guides really helpful can’t thank you enough forza god. Absolute legend.

  5. My inner social justice warrior had a little heart attack at minute 2:15 I thought for a second that that guy on the right waved a rebel flag

  6. I gave up after 5 minutes! Then I got my self a Logitech G29, what a thrill to play the game with a steering wheel. Force feedback is amazing.

  7. I watched this on my iPad and the world record by Sebastien loeb on my t.v and the landscape is a close copy even with mountain shapes.

  8. wtf is wrong with you people in the comment section, one person makes a suggestion and then another replies "you can't do this or that, i pitty your knowledge in race driving" as if anyone of us in here is a rally driver lmao

  9. any 1 who plays this game with the thrustmaster t500 racewheel? and knows how to use it? somehow i dont feel the clutch


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