Endless Run Magic Stone – Android Gameplay HD


Endless Run Magic Stone is a free run escape game set in different worlds, including run from castle, jungle, forest, and more! Endless Run Magic Stone presents you a fantastic running experience, with the story of chasing magic stone, which is your mission to save the world from evil’s hand and keep the world in peace.
The journey of a warrior has never been easy! You need to fight off dragons, knights, goblins, clockworks and more! It is tough, but a true warrior will never stop! Well, better weapons and armor will help you through. You can check your weapon and armor and upgrade them with coins! Remember this game is free to play so just enjoy running, and be a true hero!
– Free game!
– 2 characters: A male warrior and female scout
– Level up & collect armor sets, weapons and upgrade abilities
– 4 different fantasy worlds: castle, jungle, clockwork forest and clockwork factory
– Battle against dragons, knights, goblins, clockworks and more
– Unique one-touch battle system
– Beautiful 3D HD graphics
– Heart-pounding battle-theme music
– Language versions: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese
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Nguồn: https://ruchikamuchhala.com/

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  1. I defeated the nimus thief you go some more you can defeat you get 2 chance of hitting nimus and you hit he off the all laser and the fire and you get opposite side of game and you need to dash from toxic or
    Lasers and he stop and you get tutorial swipe down and swipe up nimus defeated and you go to nightmare mode i can't go more away i stop on nightmare mode very hard

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