Evolution Of The Shy Guy (1988 – 2017)


Today we are going to look at the origin, secrets, timeline, story, lore, mysteries and history of the shy guys seen in super mario bros 2 and many more mario games. This little fellow has been seen in tons of nintendo games like super mario world 2 yoshi’s island, super mario 64, super mario maker, mario party, paper mario, even the legend of zelda! But how did this enemy, this minion of bowser, change in terms of story, game design, gameplay and use? In what new ways did it assault mario, luigi, toad and peach? Well it’s time to find out!

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  1. NOTE: Somewhere in the video is a hidden weegee head… (luigi)
    Try to find it and put the timestamp in the comments!

  2. Shy guy is my favorite Mario character but I wanna do some stuff about him. Step 1: Get a toy of him, check. step 2: Know everything about him. I’m still in that step, I watched this video, And it was very helpful.

  3. You know, Shy Guys look surprisingly similar to the cyclops enemies in Devil World. Considering Yoshi's design was partially inspired by Tamagon from the same game, I wouldn't be surprised if that was an inspiration for the Shy Guys as well.

  4. I actually LOVE SHY GUYS! cause they're cute like if you love them and comment if you want 😉 #winkyface


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