Fighter Destiny 2 – Game Grumps VS


What the hell is this game. RING OUT BITCH!
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  1. you have no idea how much this makes me feel. when this first came out i was scared i got my girlfriend pregnant and this video brought me out of the dumps need less to say she wasn't thank the lord

  2. In retrospect this games concept is pretty cool imaging this being a modern fighting game about throw techs and point based knockdowns.

  3. It's funny, they could have just paused the game and looked at the move list so that they'd actually know how to play the game, but I think I prefer the screwing around they did in this episode instead. I still wish they played the first game, cause it's so much better, but at least this video let me know this game exists

  4. technically that's a stamina bar, not a life bar. you don't get automatically knocked down when it depletes completely.


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