Floor 13 gameplay (PC Game, 1992)


Gameplay for Floor 13, Dos PC game produced by PSI Software Designers in 1992 –
In this video I am the big FBI chief and I am giving orders and keeping some terrorists under investigation. In the end I plan to stop the assassination by executing them but I am losing the elections.
Played through Dosbox emulation platform.
Recorded with original sound.

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  1. The name of the previous D.G. who got jumped out the window was Richard Branson. Floor 13 was published by Virgin Games. Nice!

  2. No, no, no! Never order an assassination when you can just as well abduct and interrogate a suspect. He'll still end up dead but you may learn some valuable information and his disappearance, depending on his level of Prominence, will go barely noticed. That is why you cannot and should not abduct a V.I.P. My few orders for Heavy Assault were against some former RAF bigwig who was conspiring to to stage a Nazi coup. Also never try to mass-infiltrate a secret organization when its size is unknown. Rather embarrassing to try infiltration with a few dozen agents when the organization turns out to have only ten active members.

  3. Great game, obviously with heavy influence by Conflict a Middle East Political Simulator.


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