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We’ve already put the Galaxy S5 LTE-A side-by-side to see how it measures up against its “sub-Prime” predecessor; now let’s see how it fares under a narrower look. Join us for our video review of the so-called “Galaxy S5 Prime,” and visit if you want one of your very own!

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Galaxy S5 Prime Review: Sweeter Specs, Same Shell | Pocketnow



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  1. I like the bloopers at the end… more people should include them 😀
    How's the pentile display… see any 'disadvantage' compared to let's say the G3?

  2. How many people really worry about how "stylish" a phone is over it's functions and usability though? Being "stylish is a plus sure", but does it trump functions and usability?

  3. You know what's ironic about that "call recording" feature? My Nokia 3310c(a non smart phone that was ahead of its time) had that feature. I've always wondered why smartphones didn't have it?

  4. I don't really think its that terrible looking, but those bezels, they're huge, much bigger then last years phone. Samsung is supposed to be improving, the bezels in my opinion are the ugliest aspect of the phone…


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