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Want a Galaxy S5 LTE-A of your own? Hop on over to 28Mobile, the site that provided the loaner unit for this comparison, and put in an order! (Full description below)

The rage was palpable in comment sections across the internet when Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 LTE-A a mere two months after releasing the “stock” Galaxy S5. Despite the fact that the company had pulled a similar move with 2013’s Galaxy S 4, folks were incensed: how dare the company release a Quad-HD, Snapdragon 805-powered upgrade so soon, effectively rendering its flagship archaic eight weeks after release?

The question we sought to answer with this comparison, then, was: how much of that anger is justified? And if you bought a Galaxy S5 between April and now, how tempted should you be by the so-called “Galaxy S5 Prime”?

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Galaxy S5 Prime vs Galaxy S5: Everyone Just Chill Out | Pocketnow



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  1. l I know this videos 3 years old. nust so you know. but I never knew Prime was only launched in South Korea. I Used that phone 3years ago lol

  2. The Display QHD of galaxy s5 lte-a g906 is compatible with galaxy s5 plus g901f? The have the same processor Snapdragon 805. I have S5 LTE plus g901f and i want to upgrade to QHD screen.

  3. Regular s5 is almost the same i kave an s5 and i dont care about 1 seacond faster specs s5 is still beast even in late 2016

  4. what is the better? s5 or s5 prime? does s5 prime has a antena? as i know s5 prime is made in korea am i right?

  5. I don't really understand why samsung kept battery the same for quad hd model although quad hd is known to drain more battery life

  6. Why is the note 4 $7,000 on 28 mobile? I mean even the galaxy golden was $5,500 on sale, wtf is this im not paying thousands for a note 4.

  7. Hi Michael, thank you so much for providing guidance on s5 vs. s5 Prime
    Would it be possible for you to let me know how to ensure whether s5 prime is new or unused ? Any code? RTN menu?

  8. I think since the QHD screen is kind of useless in this case, it would've been really interesting what the newer processor would with the full HD screen. I think the performance jump would be significant.

  9. i bought an S5 yesterday, and i'm not outraged at all. who gives a fuck about some minute differences between the S5 and S5A?

  10. Oh, well it's just a little faster..if it came out as being metal..then fuck yeah I would definitely be


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