"Gamer Girl Love Song" by TryHardNinja (LYRIC VIDEO)


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I am TryHardNinja and I make video game inspired songs. This is the lyric video to my song called Gamer Girl Love Song. It’s for every special gamer girl aka girl gamer. Keep being awesome and stealing our hearts 🙂 You can download this song or my full gaming music album by following any of this links above!



TryHardNinja – singer, song writer, lyrics

Peter Litvin – instrumental, music production

SmashBits – animation production, storyboard

Hazky Animations – animation, characters


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The first time that we met
You had a Mass Effect
At first sight GTA’d my love
Then turned around and left
Now I’m like World of Warcraft
Whenever you’re around
‘Cause your smile is so beautiful
You got me thinking WoW

You make me feel invincible
Just like a Super Mario star
No Scribblenaut would ever do
You are my favorite work of art
Like a Portal companion cube
I wish we’d never be apart
Because you hold the other half
Of my half empty Zelda heart

[Post Chorus]
And oh-oh-oh
Gamer girl I love you
Just press start
And be my player two

I see you when I dream
My Final Fantasy
They say love is a Battlefield
Want your bad company
It’s like you got a Halo
Floating above your head
Girl if you ever disappear
I would be Left 4 Dead

[Post Chorus]

Be my Candy Crush
I’ll be your Spiderman
Please don’t Cut the Rope
‘Cause I don’t think I can
Survive here all alone
Out in the Borderlands
So just press start
And take my hand

[Post Chorus] (2x)

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  1. 2019 and still listening and loving this song! Sending this to a Gamer Girl that I am very fond of :3 xP

  2. I used to play this for my first ex. This song is so fucking bitter sweet to me. Like I'm straight up crying while trying this.

  3. Coming on almost 3 da now.. And this remains one of my favorite songs all together. Igor you're an amazing man with an amazing talent and I can't wait to see where the coming years take you.

  4. i like this song but only played 4 games that were named in this song…..i need to play more games but my pc sucks….. and steam summer sale is over…… 🙁 🙁 stupid summer sale….. IT IS STILL SUMMER!!!!

  5. when you hear this song and think hey i can sing this too that gamer girl i like but realise: shit i can't sing and don't know any gamer girl……

  6. awwwww, thats sweet, tryhardninja, you are the best videogame singer. you have released some amazing songs and i hope the future is bright for you!

  7. love this song, new favorite. still wondering if i should sing this to my girlfriend.

    p.s. you forgot to add destiny, i thought there is going to be a line like "you are my destiny" or something like that. but still good song

  8. I linked this song to my girl friend and she loves it …. thanks TryHardNinja for creating such a great song to share to some one i love

  9. what's funny is that when he showed the player 2 games, none of those games were two player, megaman metroid castlevania and punch out


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