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Nintendo Life news post:

I can’t believe it finally happened! Browny Brown might not ring a bell to you, but if I mention that it’s staff is made of ex-Square employees who worked on “Mana” games for the Game Boy and Super Nintendo, you will understand why this one got me super excited. “Magical Vacation” was released in 2001 and was the companies first game but despite it’s sequel on DS (“Magical Starsign”) having got a official release in the West, this one sadly didn’t, with “Sword of Mana” being the single game from the company that was localized and released in the west for the GBA. They also worked with HAL Laboratory on “Mother 3”, a game I have very high hopes will be released on eShop next week at Nintendo e3 event (fingers crossed, people!). The game features incredible sprite work and background art. It will be great to be able top understand the plot now. Enjoy!

PS: Please note the music is completely wrong due to emulation bug. I assure this sounds fantastic on proper hardware. project page:


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  1. reminiscent of early rune factory, especially the old man in Frontier who used to be a teacher at an academy, who takes Raguna on as a student to study runeys and magic. ps. useless info (the old man in frontier has granddaughters named Candy and Cinnamon)

  2. I'm really happy this actually got an english patch despite some issues, I look forward to playing more of it though I wonder if it ever crashed or freezed a couple of times cause I've been having that issue and I'm using a mGBA emulator.

  3. Man I remember 3 years ago or so wanting this game to be translated but then I played the shitstain that was Magical Starsign and I quickly dropped everything I was doing, such a shitty game series only for the littlest of children with no quality standards. Oh well, if you're coming from Golden Sun I suppose you're a lost cause to begin with. How quickly one can grow up.

  4. I'm glad^_^ More people will find out about this game and there will be bliss, pinecones, and frogs of unusual tastes!


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