Ghost Hunters Adventure Club Chapter 1 – read by Dr. Cecil HH Mills


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  1. Holy shiz Arin, your voice acting for all the characters is AMAZING
    I really enjoyed this first chapter. I normally like to buy the actual book instead of the audio version, but, I want the audio book for this one. I want to keep hearing your awesome voice acting.
    I hope your uncle Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills keeps making more books. 😉
    P.S. It's so thoughtful of you to make the book price whatever people can (or want) to pay. I hope people actually try to support the book, and all the work you put into it. Not just try and take advantage of your kind offer by paying $1 when they have the means to pay more.

  2. im never buying that book in any format.
    sorry, its just not my thing…
    books arnt my thing.
    the only books I listen to are read by Christopher lee

  3. Is his uncle on his dads side? Because if so they look a lot alike. Like I have some questions for Arins mom. It would explain why Arin hates him so much.

  4. Honestly, without the comments I had a slight suspicion but I would never have actually thought that this was Arin. Well done 😮

  5. Love it, but I gotta eat the lettuce and grab that hard cover. Follow along like in school, but Dr.CecilHHMills seems like a decent teacher to listen too.
    Lamar's stamp of approval 🥔

  6. as a official member of the ghost hunters club, i must say, i do not appreciate your hate for your uncle.

  7. Arin really is a very good voice actor. This narration is incredibly well done, and if he wrote it too, bravo. Talented dude.

  8. This sounds hilarious! If a teaser trailer for your book felt like a present, I bet I'll like the book.

  9. Wow arin got me good. Idk why I didn't put it together I mean I saw the thumbnail but oh well. I really thought Arin hates his uncle and I was pretty surprised about him saying it out loud to everyone of his viewers. Until the video hit the 1:20 mark, then I immediately knew I was fooled.

  10. I burst out laughing at the end! 😂😂😂 I'm still laughing! 🤣 I think it would have been worth it to end the book right there! Perfect end to chapter one in any case!

  11. I want "Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills" to go on tour promoting this book and then have Arin come out and watch everyone's heads explode.


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