How to make 2D GLOW in Unity!


In this video we create an awesome Glow effect for extra flare!

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♪ “ES_Dress Code_Black – oomiee” by Epidemic Sound
♪ “Brooklyn Flava – Mattias Andreasson” by Epidemic SoundIn this video WE CREATE AN AWESOME 2D Glow effect.


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  1. most of this is useless fancy bullshit. If you do a real game for a majority of mobile devices – high likely you won't use light sources or bloom effect at all

  2. Too bad the URP 2d shaders suck at the moment.. Can I really not have an emission map and have a 2D lit material?

  3. This was great. I'd love a complete series on Shader Graph and the terminology and concepts of shaders to get beginners comfortable creating on their own.

  4. anyone know why it won't let me even create the 2d global light? I have teh option, it's just doesn't add it…

  5. Think it would have been better to specify the emission map parts a bit more instead of just straight up filling everything white. You lose a ton of actual texture detail. The necklace glows nicely, but it's less of a necklace and more of a glowing goop around the neck, as the beads are not discernible from each other anymore. Same thing with the attack blast. It just loses the actual detail.

    Obviously, this is an example for show, so I'm not saying it's bad or anything, just that it might be a better representation for a real project to not remove all the details of the parts you want to glow.

  6. This seems to only work with a fixed global light, as the bloom doesn't work as well at different global intensities. Is there a solution for this?

  7. Hi, I built a test sprite that worked perfectly. But then I tried to build another sprite it doesn't work in my scene. When I move the prefab from the test project to my actual game it also stops working. Is there some kind of setting that might be affecting that?

  8. Is there a way to make this work with UI images? I can get the color to change, but there's no emission.

  9. I'm having an issue where I only want a single pixel to be affected by the glow, and my emission map only has that one pixel, but it's illuminating multiple pixels around that one, creating an unwieldy block of light where I only want a single pixel. Why might the glow affect be bleeding over? I have a feeling it has to do with the material for my player sprite. When I change the material to the default unlit material the sprite looks normal, but when I put the one we made in the video on the sprite and turn the intensity to -1, it still shows the surrounding pixels as the same color (even if there's no glow).

    EDIT: Solved. The issues was turning off MIP maps in the inspector on the Emission Map tileset. Go to your glow/emission map in Unity, check the inspector, and make sure to turn off all forms of MIP mapping.

  10. Hmm, it's weird when I add those nodes. Everything is fine.. but when I change the color Node, it's just different color.. of "_Emission" but otherwise works perfectly.

  11. Everything works great right up until i press play, then the effect disappears… it shows the effect in the game window working perfectly when not in play mode. …any ideas?

  12. My favorite Popcore game is "Watch The Ad", it's this game where you play a super short level of something, and then watch an un-skippable ad which takes longer than the level. Best game ever.


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