In this tutorial I’ll show you one way to go about painting game art (characters, props, environments) !

Here are the steps we will go through :
– Sketch
– Sketch Shadows, Light source
– Main Colors
– Paint Shadows, Light source
– Smoothing things out
– Details




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  1. When making shadows don't just make them darker change the color otherwise they won't look quite right. Thanks for the tutorials man! 💜

  2. why cant digital artists talk like normal people in the videos they make ?? its already hard enough having to understand their language.

  3. i was loving your youtube tutorials so much, that i had to run and buy the 3 udemy courses. hope that helps you keep up the great content you deliver, that helps so so much noobish devs like me! thx so much for all your efforts! <3

  4. Love the art work on this channel .. Its inspiring and made me want to start out .. being an absolute beginner, im confused between which drawing tablet to go for .. should I opt for a Wacom intuos small or medium for this kind of art work?

  5. This has to be one of the better explained how to videos for video game art that I have seen, kudos on the great video.

  6. I'm such a fan of your artstyle your games seem so full of life despite keeping it simple I love it keep being great man I'll For Sure buy Dreadful Whispers !!

  7. Hey, how many pixel photoshop paper do you advise drawing on? If I put too low image is awfull, too high is a very heavy on unity

  8. Bro i just watched like 2 of your video (not even full by the way) and i am your fan and wanna be just like youu

  9. You deserve 1 mil subs, so to help you i will force my friends to sub

    I love you sooooo much and i'm addicted to your videos:)

  10. @Blackthornprod
    , you said characters, props, environments, but unfortunately I only saw characters (maybe I need to watch again?), which are covered in other videos too. Im looking for something of you doing environments, which is what I'm doing at the moment. Cheers sir.

  11. That is really good, but I would like to know more about step by step. Which options, brushes, how to do it that or another way step by step 🙂


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