How to Play Shuffleboard


Shuffleboard is an incredibly easy game to learn and get into! This video will detail the rules of how to set up, how to play and how to win!

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  1. Are you from England? I've always wondered if they play across the pond. We play 21' boards. Canada 18' love the game. Just curious if people play around the globe

  2. Nice video – wish there was more on strategy. I have watched tournaments and have no idea what they are thinking or doing. Towards the end you missed a chance to show how “on back line of scoring zone does not count for the zone where most of the puck lies (I.e. need to see wood between puck and line when viewed directly overhead).

  3. We got one of these at our local bar I've never played it but really want to. I usually play pool more. Thanks now I have an idea of how to play it.

  4. I noticed a lot of the pucks were spinning. I also noticed a lot of the pucks were pulling to the center. Were you spinning them upon release and is the table warped to pull pucks back towards the center? Thanks in advance… Also, great video!

  5. I just played on a the longest board ive ever seen last night at a retirement home. It was definitely standard

  6. can the sand/wax that's in the gutter be easily recaptured to be put back on the table? or does the table surface only work best when it's fresh wax?

  7. 5:10 Don't get this bit, so if you get a 2, your 1 pointers don't count? And if you get a 4 or 3, your 2 pointers don't count? So it's just who has the furthest put, basically?

  8. Can you exceed 15 and still win or do need exactly 15? If you have say 12 points and go on to score say 5 the next round do you win or bust and go back to 12? Thanks

  9. It is a more interesting and challenging game when only one puck scores with 4 being the maximum score per round.


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