Jambo! Safari (Demul) – Expert Stage Playthrough / Phorusrhacos


Skip to 0:58 for the start of the game.

Here’s a full playthrough of the Expert mode in Jambo Safari, played with a Logitech Dual Action gamepad on the Demul emulator. A bowling alley in my area had this game by the time I uploaded the playthrough, but it’s been gone as of December 2017.

In this run, I catch the giant, prehistoric bird called the Phorusrhacos. To unlock the animal at the end of the game, you need to finish Shetani Riverside (stage 3) with at least 170,000 points and without continuing at any point.

I used a screen capturing tool to record the game, hence why the bass in this video is pretty obnoxious.. That will be fixed in my next playthrough.

Enjoy the video, nonetheless.

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  1. Unfortunately, they pulled the Jambo machine out of the bowling alley, so it's best to wait until I get a steering wheel to make an improved run. Who wants to see me try for 300K points? I've done it, but it's not easy.

  2. This arcade is not only nostalgic, but also help rescues the animals and do research on them just like in zoos or wildlife parks.😀

  3. I rebember seeing this one as a kid in one of my vacation along side with puzzle bobble 4….
    Back when arcade's were still fun and they weren't pure ticket bullshit like now

  4. Why is the villager more concerned about the fact that the monkey stole his mask than the fact that his house is on fire?

  5. This is a fun game. I played it this weekend in an arcade in inngoldmel Skegness and I even caught the silver lion and completed the game. It’s a shame there were too many good games out at the time to give this game any attention. Wish I played it when it first came out as they don’t make novelty games like this and crazy taxi anymore sadly.

  6. I've beaten this peace of shit money consuming monster animal 12:22 wait you have a bird but we have a tiger hmmmm is it only japenese dub

  7. this was my absolute FAVOURITE arcade game growing up. I loved it so much and watching you play it makes me so nostalgic. there's something about catching those animals that felt so incredibly satisfying! I really wish there was a way I could still play this myself. :/

  8. I got to the last stage in a movie theatre in Connecticut but he just kept running at me it was impossible (assuming the last level was saber tooth tiger)


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