Live Coding a Simon Game: HTML, CSS, Javascript


Live Coding a Simon Game: HTML, CSS, Javascript

In this javascript tutorial, I recorded myself live programming an html5 javascript simon game.


For those who don’t know, I’m a full stack web developer who has been in the industry for over 5 years now. There is a lot of things I have learned along the way and I’d like to share that knowledge with anyone wanting to learn!

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  1. I tried but it hangs on the first panel and as soon as I recycle it gives me 'Game over'. does not appear to enter the ('if sequenceToguess.lenght') line 44. can you help me?

  2. I was following along, and I checked my code like 3 times, but there's something wrong with changing panels to .active. they going black and not white as they should. What may cause the problem?

  3. im currently doing a project on this and got stuck on the javascript and the way you explained this i just got my mind blown on how easy and clean you made this look.


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