Muji: Japanese Minimal Skin Care Routine| Dr Dray


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Japanese minimal skin care routine using all Muji products!


💙Products used
Muji sensitive skin cleansing oil
Muji Mild Moisture Face Soap
Muji sensitive skin moisturizing milk
Muji sunscreen lotion
Muji BB Cream natural
Muji SPF lip cream

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  1. Did anybody swap out of Muji moisturiser milk and the makeup remover ? curel and Hadalabo makeup remover user .

  2. Thank you for the review however I am
    Working for muji store , this brand also does perfect skincare product since I have opportunity for trying all products

    As you review ab moisturiser , it’s too watery shiny effect after use … it’s not really like that because u chose high moisture milk lotion , it will be applicable for very dry skin , plus suggested in rough weather and winter but casually I advise customer to use light milk lotion for me it should all skin texture does good job for moisturising within 1 day I believe feel very free ingredient light and nothing when apply

    Basically muji does 3 names on labels for all skincare
    – light : absolutely for oily skin and acne
    – moisture: combination to dry ( most suggest)
    – high moisture like u said cream or milk lotion, serum or cleanser will deliver super moisture our skin sometimes too much or shiny effect

  3. I'm so happy to see your subscriber base has grown so much! Good to see you doing well and still informing skin care loving fanatics. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this review! I've always loved muji for their stationery and home goods, but never knew if their skincare was legit. Definitely going to try some!

  5. Dr.Dray I'm not sure which product you tried, that helps you with the yellow discoloration around your nasolabial fold and your smile lines. Because that area used to be prominently yellow, but now your skin is very even, glowy, and beautiful.

  6. I tried the moisture milk the moisture one and I checked the ingredient list it doesn't seem to have any olive oil in it so I'm quite surprised that yours have it and I enjoy using mine but it does take a while for it to dry down

  7. Can u do a review on the glossier skincare line? I see all these you tubers with it and I’m wondering whether it is worth the price.

  8. When my Dr asked me about my skin care he was thrilled that I always apply sunscreen before anything else and I do this everyday . I have had 2 pre cancer spots so I don’t feel I have a choice. Thanks 🙏


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