Hey everyone! This week’s video focuses on the Muji Light Toning Water and the Moisturizing Milk. I’ve been loving these two products lately and I thought I should share with you my honest thoughts about them. I hope the information I’ve shared in this video can help you in deciding whether or not you’ll try these products out. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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+ Muji Sensitive Skin Light Toning Water (High Moisture)
+ Muji Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Milk (High Moisture)


+ Nails: Custom design from Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty


+ Canon EOS 650D :
+ Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM :

+ Adobe Premiere Pro CC

+ Blue Yeti :

Filmed and Edited by Winny Manlim

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  1. this toner makes my skin so smooth and happy. I love to use the light one. I always use this before doing my makeup, I don't even need primer, this toner already does everything. Surprisingly, this toner cause my pores to get small.

  2. I actually used to use both of these now and again (a long while ago, probably when I was around 10 and I’m now 15) as my dad got me this small set from muji and it included the two products but mini versions of them. As I didn’t use them often, they lasted a while though you could tell the next day if I had used them because my skin looked and felt better. Currently I’ve been struggling with mild-moderate acne which started probably 18 months ago as lots of texture on both my forehead and cheeks, then around April this year cysts in/ on my cheeks and bad forehead acne that wouldn’t go away!!!! I looked into so many ways other people had cleared their skin and at first resorted to harsh cleansers with salicylic acid that are okay once in a while but I would use them 2-3 times a day!! I also combined these cleansers with benzoyl peroxide and I’m still recovering from the dryness and dehydration my skin had to endure because of that. I also found that it made my acne worse and didn’t really help overall. I took l-lysine in an attempt to help my skin, probiotics (which seemed to help my forehead???); so many things that I cannot recall them all. As of now, I’m focusing on hydration and restoring moisture in my skin, and now don’t cleanse in the morning and at night use the lush ultrabland cleanser (I found that this completely balanced my skin back to be healthy again although now that my skin is recovering, it leaves a bit too much of a residue sometimes). I also use Tamanu oil for my scars (only about a month so far, but it’s working. I know now to not use too much at one time because it may clog pores) and did use rosehip oil before that. Where I go to school it’s the norm to drink every weekend and some people smoke and so I found myself doing that too and along with sleep issues that have been going on for a while now, I think drinking and smoking as well as stressing about school was the initial cause of my acne. My digestion was also horrible. I’ve stopped smoking completely (was never a heavy smoker at all but I did notice any time I did that my skin would take a hit) and haven’t got drunk since beginning of July which was the end of the school year lol. I also started doing more exercise in the summer and I noticed that really made a difference- both to my mood and to my skin, which I used to roll my eyes over when I heard that from my mum as she’d say that all the time. It’s true though. I take cod liver oil and probiotics most days, every day if I didn’t have to go to my dad’s and so risk forgetting to bring them idk. My skin is much better and all the texture is gone (sometimes if there is some texture I’ll cut open a small aloe leaf and put in on my face for 10 mins and then wipe with a cold, wet towel + other times I use this salicylic acid cleanser/ scrub thing but apply it generally and NEVER more than once a week). I find my skin is manageable, and I know how to treat any issues with it relatively well now, but it flares up so so easily. I forgot to mention I used to have absolutely flawless skin and my sister still does ( she’s two years younger than me). I drink spearmint tea every day, which is supposed to lower testosterone in the body which can contribute to cheek acne, but I haven’t gotten rid of it all, just significantly reduced it. I’m also starting to get forehead spots again and I don’t know what the cause is. OH I also drink a glass of lemon water each morning before eating anything. All of this helps buttttttt…. just today my friend and I were talking about our skin cause she used to suffer with moderately bad forehead acne and I was talking about my cheeks and she said this “freederm” gel was what helped her acne to go as well as sleeping better over the summer so I might give that a go. I also thought that maybe I should time travel back and be my 10 year old self again using muji as it was great 5 years ago on my skin and surely wouldn’t hurt it now. Although my view of myself as in self confidence has changed since having acne, sometimes I think it’s not in the way you would expect. I’m actually more confident at times than I ever would have been before, as I put less pressure on my looks and more on who I am as a person and my actions. I have also learnt a lot of things about how to take care of your skin, that will hopefully benefit me for the further, an important one being protecting your skin from the sun ( I wear sun cream every day now). I’ve gone off on a massive tangent here but if anybody reads this and can relate/ can learn from any of my errors/ things I’m doing now to help my skin, I’ll be happy 😀

  3. I tried soooooo many moisturizers before and sadly didn't work for me, made my acne worse. :-(. And now, desperately looking for a moisturizer again coz my skin got super dry due to medicated creams prescribed by my dermatologist. Will try this one. Hoping this is one will suit my acne prone skin. 🙏

  4. Ive pretty bad breakouts and tried couple of moisturising brands, but recently I tried the Muji's moisturiser, it works really well on my skin 😀

  5. People say that Kylie Skin is a good starter skincare line but I would honestly just recommend Muji because it's gentler, the ingredients are clean, it's pretty accessible, and it's really cheap! I'm looking to try these out especially since you mentioned that the toner is FA safe! It can be so difficult to find FA safe products. I'll still try the lotion but if it triggers my FA, I'll just give it to my mom who has super dry skin!

  6. I use the Muji moisturizing milk (light) on a daily basis and it works great on my oily skin. I have also tried their body shampoo and body milk (light). This brand never disappoints me. The best part is the products are fragrance free and has beautiful minimal packaging.


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