I’m back brahz with brand new #muzzing moves and chopping combinations that will have everyone mirin your dancing at ya next fezzy. FUARKEN #ZYZZ M8! (jks but also full srs) Don’t take this too seriously – just have some fun and enjoy having a skitz #MUZZ m9s!

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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the songs used in this video. All rights belong to their respective owners. (VIDEO UPLOADED FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

Singlet from A state of Fuark. Grab yours at this link and use code SLENDY at checkout for 10% off! If the site is under maintenance try the FB page – the owner is a top bloke.

Track List:
0:00-1:14 – Francesco Zeta: Reverse Bass will never die
1:15-1:50 – Nexus: Zyzz
1:50-1:55 – Cheeki Breeki hardbass anthem
1:55-2:46 – Neelix: Writings
2:46-3:54 – ATB: Ecstasy (Untraceable Bootleg)
3:54-4:10 – John O’Callaghan & Sarah Howells: Find Yourself (IYF & Nobody Remix)


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  1. muzzed at a club last night, no one could handle my moves, a girl tried to join me but i had to tell her nah brah; she couldn't hakk it.

  2. Hey slendy … what about printing some of those t.shirt designs up . Too or just do one, for your uk super fan

  3. Nice moves slendy 🙂
    by looking through all your vids again now i found a few hardstyle compilations, with pretty neat tracks… Not that im just up hardstyle, and i guess i talk for many other fans here too and no idea if the following request has already come… but i bet, a guy like you, who concentrates about giving his best in therms of dance and energy output to a certain music so much, might has a very special and maybe high demand on his own and favourite tracks, which you love tohear over and over again (or am i completely wrong^^). It would be very interessting, at least for me, but for sure for many other fans here too: Which songs are causing (or caused) so much endorphins/force in your brain, that you could literally explode – or at least freak out that much, that you have to take care about the surrounding people, that you don't hit them accidently in your madness :D? Would you give us a few examples pls, or even a compilation of just you favourites? I would appreciate that so much… They are certainly not bad… (I hope you are not involved in special arrangements that do not allow you to do so for commercial reasons)

  4. Нихуя себе чё пацанчик вытворяет. Лайк за чики брики однозначно. Туториал заебись блять. Rossia love you gay! 👍


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