Mystery PUA Infield Day Game


– This Mystery PUA has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. He learned a few of my Day Game Tactics. Now you know most dating companies will show you fake ass testimonials with a guy standing up against a wall saying how good the training was. We at Speer Method have raised the bar once again and decided to show you our students infield and a small portion of their training.Take it from someone who knows and is recognized by the entire underground dating community as having the BEST PUA LIFESTYLE. Also make sure you sign up to the Lounge so you too can gain access to a TON OF FREE MATERIAL that has helped change thousands of lives by the information that is available there. Sign up today for FREE at


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  1. Ok. I’m considerably jealous of my brother’s best friend right now. He’s been available always. However, he’s got a swimwear model to inform him she is head over heels in love with him in less than a thirty day period. Just how is that even possible? He told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful said that to me… I’ve not witnessed him so content. Sort of makes me feel bad.

  2. yeah tube vids do make it easy to mac 5 out of 10s but if you want to meet honeys you need to know your game or you will get crushed study the video on PUA66.COM

    I think,” I say, shifting my gaze to the ceiling so I don’t have to experience the torment of saying this directly to another human being, “Mitch might … have … thoughts …” It’s

  3. I'm irritated. My friend lives in the opposite room and he in recent times got excellent at attracting ladies. He found the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). All he's doing now is fucking women. He's continually getting the ladies back and I hear it, which is yucky and If only he had not found that site. I'm green with envy!

  4. These videos are good. I found myself so confounded looking at my buddy move from being a loser to a ladies man. He started getting women over night. He acted as if it was natural for a while. He ultimately admitted it on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to learn about it… He's dating a beauty… Lucky fucker!

  5. this is a scam. their good at scamming people. and if they do get girls they scam them into believeing their more important then they are. all the girls in all these videos are actors i could do that too

  6. Ok we've analysed this video now properly dude
    that take I CLOSEBACK
    that take I seriously dude
    that take I closeback
    closeback seriously dude
    they have it earned

  7. If you guys really want to learn about proper daygame. Watch simplepickup on YouTube. These guys are real pros anf they teach you how to have fun.with chicks

  8. @zhzlmsi his techniques are not that powerful BTW! have a look at this video it shows some really powerful techniques >>

  9. This dude needs a different haircut and jacket. He looks like a superhero! But he'll probably kick ass in the future he seems like a smart dude.

  10. @qszqylj yeah you can meet plenty of girls like that and… if your looking for really powerful new tech have a look at this video:

  11. I think he has it a lilttle bit backwards; you really shouldn't peacock so heavy during day game…peacocking works a lot better for night game; but this is in New york so its not so awful. On the other hand, his body language is great; a bit less smiling but his kino is definitely solid and natural; keep it up

  12. The thing that I like about this video is that, the whole interaction seemed so seemless to where, everything looked natural and smooth which is really cool.

  13. horrible smh. I didnt see one ioi from any of those girls, he was boring as hell, didnt say anything funny, anything interesting, didnt dhv, it was bad. No doubt that all these #'s are flakes

  14. @JesusChrist5000
    agreed.I wonder if I look like that sometimes when I sarge.It it me or he looks a lil to nervous or serious

  15. @jerrystrang No, these girls are into him. Let's just say they are not totally opposed to him, and the door is open for him at the very least.

  16. This guy did good. His Jacket and Mohawk worked also. This is New York where it is freaking rough. And he had a scheme which worked because chicks in New York have the attention span of a fruitfly unless u have money pasted to you face. Or have some kind of scheme trickery running. Sad but try. Im tired of NYC women now anyway I only date other states that move here.

  17. what that guy is wearing is fucking wierd and uneccesary. not a good thing to be wearing in the middle of the day talking to women. i approach women by dressing nice and looking sharp and looking like myself. not by dressing like some crazy magician guy that will make people look at you funny. hey at least he is out there trying to get better 🙂


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