Nintendo Vs. Goonies Arcade Review Gameplay Walkthrough – FAMICOM REVISITED


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  1. thanks john for getting me back into arcades i now went out and found me a red tent its in great condition just like yours lol thanks again

  2. This game was in arcades in the US. Are you talking about the actual Nintendo Version? That one sucked…

  3. Goonies 2 was one of the first games that made me wish I had a NES. It was the game that introduced me to adventure platformers and I still love it. I've still never seen the movie and have never heard the vocal version of that song – I just know it as the theme from a Nintendo game.

    Some of the Vs. games that came on daughterboards might have only done it for copy protection, but I think at least some of them genuinely needed a daughterboard in order to work. At least Castlevania and Top Gun for sure were large games that required extra bankswitching logic to run on the NES/Famicom. I don't know the exact relationship between the Famicom and the Vs. but it seems to be the same hardware and probably had the same ROM size and memory mapping limitations if you used the built-in sockets. The Famicom platform was stretched a great deal over it's life.

  4. We had a Vs. Goonies in a local roller rink. I loved that game and was sad we never got a NES version. I really liked Goonies 2 tho.

  5. I think that suit is John shaming or unverified private prosecution of legal consumerism. I.e. TBN The Basement

  6. Agreed I played that on the 800XL and I loved it, really love the music and the graphics it was cool, nice video

  7. JOHN!!!!!!
    maybe you can help me out……Im looking for the name of an arcade game I used to play alot at electric palace as a kid, its a space game where you have to clear different quadrants and you choose from 3 ships; small , medium and large and the small ship and the large ship could connect when there was 2 players. One of the early bosses of the game was a planet with like a pigs face? you mainly blast asteroids and you steer with a twist nob not a regular joystick. Does anybody know the name? I saw a recent game called stardust hd that looked similar but i didnt get to play it……HELP!!!!!!!!! Ive been trying to remember the name for literally YEARS!!!!

  8. Love this channel. Thanks for posting this. Man, oh man! Used to play this game every chance I could.

    Lived down the street from a Chuck 'E Cheese (formerly a Showbiz Pizza Time Theater) in Fairfax, VA from '86 (I was 6 or 7 depending on the month) to '89 while my dad was an officer in the Army. Back then, that was when all of the Chuck and Showbiz locations actually had huge collections of arcade games. Was also the first place that I played (Environmental) Discs of Tron. They had a Dual Vs. Unisystem that was running "vs. Duck Hunt" and "vs. Hogan's Alley" and a couple of red tents; one running "vs. Excitebike" and "vs. Super Mario Bros." and the other running "vs. Gradius" and "vs. the Goonies." Of course, when Goonies II was released on the NES, couldn't wait to get my hands on it and loved it but, it didn't have the same feeling.

    We moved to MD during the summer of '89 and I didn't get to play this game again until almost 10 years later via emulation when I was in college. Eventually, got a Famiclone and picked up the Famicom cartridge from a guy on Ebay. Still doesn't feel the same as playing in the arcade but, the game is essentially the same on the Famicom.

  9. Solid game. However, I'd always hoped for a sequel where you play the role of "Sloth" Fratelli and have to rescue your love, "Chunk"

  10. I have this on my Playchoice 10 but I assume that the item placement and other stuff is different in the Vs. version. You were playing kinda badly John and I'd love to see you do this again when you've had more practice. The main objective in every level is to find three keys and rescue 1 goonie(it's not extra lives just a meter of how many you've rescued). You collect diamonds and when you get enough you get some of your health refilled. I forget all the powerups but the Suit you got protects you from fire(hahe fire can't hurt me) and I got these earfuffs that protect you from the musical notes once. There is an ending but like any other arcade game it runs in an endless loop afterwords.

  11. This game really looks like fun. I think I'm gonna try it one of these days. Cool vid as always. Keep them coming!

  12. Hi, John! This iRama, the blindy guy from Indonesia. You must press the attack button at the right and specific place to make hidden item appears. They are diamonds, and the one you asked was the armor to protect your body from harmful hazard (there is 1 armor per level). To reach the perfect ending you also have to find a Goonie every 1 level, for a total of 7 if I am not mistaken. Hope this helps.

  13. I love this game! Coincidentally, I was also thinking about this game recently and have been playing it quite a bit on my NES with the EverDrive N8. The version I've been playing on there is actually the PlayChoice 10 version. Even though we never got a US release of this game on the NES, I find it even stranger that there was a PlayChoice 10 version available in addition to the VS version.

  14. Though I have the NES version, I didn't really play it until I was an adult collecting retro games, I did however play the home computer version on my Atari 800xl back in the 80s quite often. I still play it on my original Atari 800 that I keep in my game room. Though the NES game is fun, the Atari 8-bit 2 character puzzle adventure game will always be my favorite.

  15. I think Vs. TKO Boxing is the Data East version of the Nihon Bussan, AV Japan's "TKO Boxing"…which is (I think) officially "Ring King". And the English version of Ring King is "King of Boxer". I never understood why the game said "King of Boxer" and yet the marquee just said "King Boxer". The Vs. TKO Boxing has some Crazy Kong-style colors for the boxers…its been Nintendo'd.  😉

  16. Suit = fire proof. I made my unisystem a dedicated Vs Goonies cabinet. Vs Goonies gets brutally hard on the 3rd level. Not easy. Also, the items that come in each door randomizes depending on what you got already (fire suit, slightshot, etc)

  17. Great video.  About the Takigen locks:  I just ordered a couple from SmallTownGuy on KLOV who was bulk ordering a batch.  Hard to find but worth it.  They are going in my .vs and Dkong cabs.


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