Predator – Nes – Full Playthrough – No Death



Player:Heroes Of Xanadu – The strange and fascinating music of Predator remind me of Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus.You guys can imagine just how amazing this game would be if Konami would have made this game instead of Pack-In-Video.”Just way too much small ledges jumpings in this game”.


Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin is an action game developed and published by Pack-In-Video for the Famicom in 1988. In Japan, the game is known as Schwarzenegger Predator (シュワルツェネッガー プレデター?). At that time, Activision owned the rights to publish software based on the Predator movie license in the United States. While they published Predator for several popular home computer systems, they licensed Pack-In-Video’s game and published it for the NES. Pack-In-Video made a very similar game for the MSX, but it utilizes a different system of non-scrolling stages.The game is known for its high


level of difficulty. It is an action game that contains two different modes of side-scrolling. One mode is known as “Big mode,” and presents the player as a large and highly detailed sprite who must destroy or dodge orbs that appear on the way to a fight against the Predator. Between each Big Mode stage are several normal mode stages where the player appears much smaller in a larger world. The player must collect weapons and use them to clear a path through enemies to an exit that leads to a new stage. Some stages contain more than one exit, creating several branching paths to the very end of the game.



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  1. I played this with a game genie and used an invincibility code… it must have glitched for me because the game last about 4 or 5 hours… it just kept going and going…

  2. Predator game should be the CONTRA. But hollywood shoul've make the CONTRA movie back then,starring arnold (predator) and silvester (rambo) since they are those 2 in CONTRA game.

  3. "Fire pooing birds" LoL. It was really a hard time playing this one. Nevertheless, congratulations for making it to the end. Brings back quite a bit of childhood memories.

  4. Came here for the nostalgia. I was 7yrs old when I played this game 😂
    Parents bought it for us at Toys R US (RIP)

  5. “Major Schaefer soon discovers American soldiers hanging “ after he just killed a shitload of soldiers , aliens, and a predator at the end of that stage, I’m sure “hanging Americans are the least of his worries 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

  6. I knew this game was hard, but looking back on this game 30 years later, I can see that it was a real turd of a game. Lolo was a better game than this.

  7. finally beat this game, i forgot how creepy some levels were. the ones where the rocks look like skulls. Great run and congratulations on not dying!

  8. LOL, I discovered this cheat by accident in 80's… But my controller isn't broken, I just pressed all directions and buttons without criteria.
    Level Skip

    To skip a "normal mode" level, hold Left + Right and press A or B. To skip a "big mode" level, hold Up + Down and wait until the normal level number screen appears. Note that these codes are impossible to enter on a properly-functioning NES controller. –

  9. Fellow nes vets who finished this one…was this not one of those games that truly had your guts in a knot as you pulled off some of those tricky jumps? I learned to master my jumping technique for this game, but I doubt if I could ever pull it off like my 13 year old self could many moons ago.


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