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A playthrough of Activision’s 1989 NES game, Predator.

Based on the 1987 movie hit starring Arnie, Predator takes some interesting liberties with the film – does anyone remember these enemies or the neon pants? (Sounds a lot like Rambo too, doesn’t it? Same developer!).

It’s another game, again like Rambo, that is at its core not a bad game, but people talk about it like it’s a festering buboe to avoid like… well, yeah, you get the idea.

The player moves too fast and he’s a bit slippery, and good luck learning how to punch an enemy without taking a hit. Still though, after you get over its quirks and come to terms with its stiff difficulty level, it’s an alright game.

And really, those “big” levels are both awful and amazing at the same time. I can’t help but laugh when I get to them.

Somebody requested this. I don’t remember who now, but here ya go!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. I like this game and give it a play through at least once a year. The MSX version was worse in difficulty

  2. Can't say that predator in this game is the sharpest tool in the shed, just shooting and backflipping all the time. 😉 Doesn't really seem like a great hunter if you ask me. Also, this game is so bizarre it's kinda incredible. Reminds me of that King Kong 2 game by Konami on the Famicom in which you could kill murderous ducks with teeth in a city area. Licensed games back then weren't exactly too faithful to their source material…

  3. Like Rambo on the NES, I would not be against the idea of a Predator movie based on the video game version. Major Dutch Schaefer running around in a pink uniform shooting a laser gun at armies of multicolored Power Ranger Predators? Couldn't possibly be worse than Alien vs Predator 2.

    Why do they call the grenades "Pine" in this game?

  4. When you're fighting mutant butterflies, happy slimes, and snork-seahorse hybrids, the Predator is the least of your worries…

  5. Also can you play Die Hard on the NES, made by the same guys, and also publishes by Activision?

  6. I remember one of the Predator games when I was a kid but can't remember what system it was on, you literally beat the game in 40 seconds. It only had 1 level.

  7. Alright, so it'll never be regarded as the Citizen Kane of the gaming world, but it is a lot of fun and has a great soundtrack.


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