Restoration destroyed phone 7 years ago | Restore Samsung Galaxy S5 | Rebuild old broken phone


Restoration destroyed phone 7 years ago | Restore Samsung Galaxy S5 | Rebuild old broken phone ,Restore old cell phone almost completely left out for years. Find a phone that had been dumped for years to restore and restore it. restoration old All models,iPhone IPad iPod Samsung Oppo HUAWEI ViVo Asus LG Nokia …📱

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  1. Even tough I have iPhone 11 Pro this Samsung is the best phone ever for me and also brings back many good memories

  2. Curso de manutenção de celulares, aprenda a concertar qualquer modelo de celular em pouco tempo e o principal por um preço muito baixoo!!!
    Qualquer duvida me chamem no watts que eu te explico (55)47 992649555

  3. It's funny how he finds so many phones in places like this…. Sometimes I have trouble finding my own phone in my room

  4. Pero las pantallas para el s5 se sigen fabricando recordemos que el galaxy s5 salió en 2014 y son 6 años y lo que yo quiero saber si es que se sigen fabricando sus pantallas


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