Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review!


Check out Samsung’s mini version of their 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5! It still retains a lot of the original things that made it great, so see our thoughts in this video review! Buy from Amazon:

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  1. "The S5 mini is just a smaller S5" – No Sh*t, would never have worked that out, I thought it would have been bigger.

  2. Its 2020 and it still works a bit. But theres a problem…
    When i play on online games the internet just restarts and turns on again

  3. To be fair, this is a good phone, does what you want it to do, txt, call, Internet, apps, email, basic camera. Y’all getting all greedy these days with your bullshit social expectations. The average person should have this kind of phone and no further upgrades. Then watch society become more authentic. You cannot miss what you never had anyway. Personally I miss my old Nokia phone, the simplicity with just buttons and calling people and receiving calls with short sms messages, so real like a breath of fresh air.

  4. HI GUYS SO i wanna say samsung 5S and 5smini has nothing diffrent only that samsung 5smini is a little bit smaller.Some says Samsung 5smini is bad but your not right,theyre both made in same company,not only that,but theyre both so amazing.We'Re in 2018 and i have many friends and i see so soo many peoples having samsung 5smini is not out of mode.And I wanna not offense Iphone cuz I too have Iphone X but really iphones are more slowly than samsungs (no offense please)And all samsung have no any 'Your phone is out of mode ' or anything For me Samsungs are da best💕(Take that comment like a human,im not even offense Iphone or any IphoneFan!

  5. Can the Android version of the S5 mini be upgraded to Android version 5.0 or the lollipop android version?

  6. Probably the best phone review I have seen. Took me nearly 3 years to find this. Clear, concise, informative, prioritized.

  7. I used this phone for quite some time and let me convince you not to buy it. The battery overheats 24/7 and will eventually need replacement till it gets all swollen.n

  8. This phone is awful do not get it. Mine always shuts itself off and crashes every time i go on snapchat. Its awful and the battery is shit.


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