Samsung Galaxy S6 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)


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The Samsung Galaxy S6 came out in 2015, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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  1. Last year i installed NexusOS, It was a pretty good rom, light new and fast It gave to the s6 a new Life but It suffered from 2 serious problems:
    1) The Camera compatibility
    2) the charging heat the phone in extremely high temperatures (You burn yourself with the aluminum frame)

  2. Bought my S6 when S8 came out. Never to this day had a problem with it. It is still in pristine condition. In fact I just bought a new otter box for it. I have absolutely zero intentions of replacing it anytime soon. Battery last from when I take off the charger in the morning to the time I go to bed depending on usage. Websites load up fast without interruption. For me it serves my purposes just fine.

  3. But why is my s6 barely lagging??? How to fix this lagging and hanging bcoz i love this phone???

  4. Do I need to worry about OLED burn in?
    Plan to use a phone for 5-6 years, not going to use it at full brightness, 1 min screen timeout.
    Should I worry about burn in?
    Please, I have anxiety issues.

  5. From this video….the performance is just okay even in 2020…i mean i couldnt see any lag in all the games you played.

  6. If I bought a samsung s6 used, reset it, and tried to download, say, Facebook,insta, snap, etc. would those apps (and newer ones) work on the device?

  7. I just upgraded to another phone (xr) and honestly I really liked the s6. One of the things I loved the most was how durable it was. I never used a screen protector and I’ve dropped it several times but still today there is no scratches. But would I recommend it? No. It’s very laggy and the apps were prone to crashes. He was right when he said that the software was outdated. Overheating is also a frequent problem.

  8. Love this Phone. Good screen. Very good speaker. Maybe the Onscreen Time is not the best.
    Not buying a new Phone after this is going to be death.

  9. Can you do a comparison between the pixel 3a camera and the s6 if you have them both. I still have my S6 even though the battery is failing severely and I'm wondering if I should bother having it replaced. Ive been comparing photos from my 3a and S6 and I feel crazy because outside of nightmode I prefer the s6s photos? I have no interest in doing anything with my s6 except maybe useing it as a camera lok

  10. great phone all the time.i just change the battery and i did by myself use moxom battery and its amazing! i have s7 edge but honestly this s6 way better interm of camera,sound and speed.s7 edge not really impressive except the design but actually no really comfortable to grip.

  11. I have got One UI custom rom based on android pie, and using it. it feels like totally different mobile. As u said it's capable of one ui, and yes it is…
    I am using this phone as backup phone or for watching movies and one ui comes with samsung dolby, so sound system is far better than before!


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