Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge Official Trailer | 2017


We live our lives through our phones. They’re now our screens of choice to enjoy everything from TV shows to mind-blowing games. But smartphones still look the same as they did a decade ago. Until Now.

Unbox your phone.
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

[Infinity Display]

The new Infinity Display gives you an incredible full screen experience. By creating a bezel-less, full-frontal edge-to-edge screen, the Galaxy S8 gives you more space for the things that matter.

[A Whole New Way To Interact]

The Galaxy S8 also presents a whole new way to interact with your phone – Bixby. Bixby will be a new intelligent interface on our devices.

[Removing Everyday Barriers]

We constantly push ourselves to give you technology that makes your life easier through Face Recognition, Iris Scanner, Samsung DeX, Camera and more.

[Opening New Worlds]

The Galaxy S8 connects you to a new world of experiences by pairing with the Gear VR with Controller or the new Gear 360.

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  1. Waching on my s6 edge I dell my phone its old dang i in 2020 and I steel whant the s8 plus idk its just biiteful

  2. Samsung s8 is literally T.H.E perfect phone. Only disadvantage is where the finger print scanner is placed.

  3. Watching on my s8 that I just got, works perfectly and was under $250 (factory unlocked and midnight black)

  4. Samsung’s displays and design is tops. The annoying side button for Bixby a huge fail. Still using an I Phone from 3 years ago. Samsung needs to earn customers with best in class design and customer service.


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