SFAT vs. Shroomed Self Commentary Match Ep. 2 (SF Game Night 69) (ft. ycz)


Skip to 3:50 if, for some reason, you want to skip PPMD (Kreygasm) ‘s Falcon giving all 8 inches of the PP and get onto the match

So SFAT and Shroomed decided one day that, to bring new life to their constant matches at The Foundry, that they would self-commentate their matches. The results are truly something magical.

In this episode, Shroomed starts off by delivering insightful commentary on PPMD’s gameplay, SFAT fails to uphold his promise from last week where he claimed he would shot-for-shot with Dajuan, and ycz tries to bring a new edge to The Foundry by trying to be E-Sports.

NOTE: This content belongs to showdownsmash. However, seeing as the owner of the channel has noted that he has no intention of uploading these matches, at least with commentary, I am taking the matter of uploading this into my own hands, because I really want people to experience this great content.

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