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  1. Can you please make more episodes I would really like to see the recipes is pretty interesting and funny and you're pretty cool narrator so keep up the good work see you next time piece

  2. Unfortunately some people think dark and edgy characterization is somehow a sign of mature writing it isn't its just lazy unless your telling a story where almost everyone being cruel asshole enhances the themes your going for. Okay maybe in noir detective story a bit silly in sex comedy like most erotic games.

  3. So is this game about getting laid, or getting revenge because there's gonna be a school shooting by the looks of things

  4. Great episode as always. Also, I too wonder why some porn utilizes the "everyone is an asshole to you" trope. I think it's because they don't want you to feel guilty for doing bad things to them

  5. Thanks for checking out the game Purity!! I was actually going to ask you if you wouldn't mind taking a look at it if you had time. This is a great treat to get on a Saturday!! <3 -Morah


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