Sizebox tutorial: Basic Interface


In this tutorial I go over the basic controls for the game!

Tutorial part 1:

W, A, S, D + Mouse: movement
Scroll wheel: scroll camera in+out
E: Fly mode. Shift, double tap shift: quick flying
Tab: enter command mode (a.k.a. sandbox mode or edit mode)
Right click in command: rotate camera in command mode

–Edit mode menus–
Giantess: add character
Object: add inanimate object
Move: move object
Animation: add animation to selected giant
Pose: pose selected giant
Morph: choose morph targets / facial expressions for selected giant
Delete: delete selected giant or object

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  1. For some reason in the version of the game I got, the characters are not animated. All they do is stand stiffly, and when they walk they only glide across the ground. Even when I click the animation tab and select an animation, they just stand still in an awkward pose. Can somebody please help me figure out what's wrong? I think I have the latest version of the game (version

  2. Cara daria para melhorar os personagens eles não são também desenhado não bote mostra com sinfries espirese em lindas de páis não só o Japão mais outros países como os países Europeu ou América ou autras nação de outro continente bem perto do real

  3. Just out of curiosity, does the game have some kind of vore mechanic for the giants/giantesses where they grab and eat people?

  4. You gotta use those other models bro. Make em grow and do whatever with them. Like the lucario. I dont see any good videos or really much at all that use non human models. The bat is good, but more models like lucario would get more views for diversity i bet.


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