Sizebox tutorial: Model Conversion


In this tutorial I import a .pmx model into Sizebox. I show you how to install Unity, bring in your model and export to sizebox. I also discuss how to customize your shaders, apply normal maps and transparency alphas, and how to convert normal maps from OpenGL to DirectX format.

Unity version 5.4.3:
Model import package:

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  1. HELP! I don't know why but when I export the model (via SizeboxSDK) it doesn't create a .gts file. It only creates the Thumb.png

  2. I've added all the textures, but the model is completely black no matter what…any clue how to work this out?

  3. Does it have to be PMX or can I use a PMD?
    (I know that I can use PMX Editor to change model type, I'm just curious)

  4. Why, when I have a .pmx file, only .pmx moves to Unity, and .mmd does not want to move. It did not work on any model.

  5. How do you get working files to put in here or find already made .gts files? I haven't been able to understand how to do find any or get anything to work work.

  6. Im converting some models but each model has issues with the feet not being inside the shoes how do i fix this?

  7. it doesnt drag and drop and when i double click it all that pops up is failed to decompress package. i tried 3 times each one had a different installation

  8. I'f You Have a Problem when you import the .pmx file and it doesn't create the other unity file you probably need to install the version that Aerys is using in the tutorial which is Unity 5.4.3

  9. what I got is this, Assets/MMD4Mecanim/Editor/MMD4MecanimImporterEditor.cs(152,21): warning CS0618: `UnityEditor.EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged' is obsolete: `Use EditorApplication.playModeStateChanged and/or EditorApplication.pauseStateChanged'

  10. Hey, I was trying to import a RWBY model to Sizebox, but the export thing doesn't work…Like, it just doesn't let me export it after clicking "Export current model" can I have a link to that exporter? Or does it normally come with the exporter?

  11. This tutorial is unnecessarily complex, you do not need to do anything with maps or textures.
    Instead, put the folder containing all the files in the gts folder and click on the mmd4mecanim file accept the readme conditions and click process. The model will automatically texture itself at least for me it did, then export as shown in the vid.

    edit: dont forget the humanoid rig tho

    have converted 100s of models of various styles tho if anyone wants them

  12. I am having difficulty importing my models. I'm importing my models via blender as a .obj file to unity. I did everything from the video but whenever my model is in sizebox, it is in T-pose so I cannot do any animations. Is there something I should do with my model?

  13. Can you do me a favor, I'm trying to add MMD Stages to sizebox but I'm having trouble how. Can you teach me?

  14. I recently imported some MMD models into the game. I converted them into gts models without much trouble. However, some of the models' animations got janked up. The common error I see among them is that the arms glitch through the torso and the elbows are constantly tucked inward. I'm assuming that some aspects of the rigs didn't translate very well into Unity. Is there any way I can fix this?

  15. I tried to do it but I couldn't. I kept getting error: cannot find the file when dragging the .pmx file into the GTS folder on unity…. oh well i guess this game isn't for me


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