Sony Wants To Give You Free PS4 Games For Staying Inside | Play At Home Initiaitve


Sony just announced the Play At Home Initiative where they will be giving away two Ps4 exclusives for free to all PS4 owners. Those games are Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. On top of that they are also creating a $10 million fund for inde developers to help them out during this time.

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  4. Today i wanted to play some Uncharted collection and it had a lock icon beside it and it didnt launch, so it was locked.I unistalled them and they dissapeared from my library? Now i cant download them again from PS Store as its not free anymore.Yesterday i deleted one user from my Playstation, but i didnt get these games from that account, so whats going on?

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  11. I hope they give us more games for free considering the fact that we can no longer get these games for free

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  13. Is it gonna be like ps plus games that means that sony will give us another games next month or its just exclusive?


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