Hey everyone on this episode of Play it Through its Superman brought to us by Kemco for the NES. Superman tries some different things from your typical super hero based game however these different things doesn’t make the game to much better. The game features five levels or missions to complete throughout metropolis which is a pretty big map to explore the issue is you find yourself traveling through the same screens back and forth over and over again. Superman’s different powers bring a little flavor to the gamplay but overall the weak combat and repetitive screens can make the game dull. Enjoy

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  1. I grew up playing this game. Because I was a big Superman fan ! I don't think it's a bad game just really confusing! One of those where the hell do I go type of games

  2. If someone tried to sell you a game like this in 2019, they would be catching hands later that day when you come back.

  3. Superman taking the subway, being hurt by punches and bullets… Everyone in this game has kryptonite ? Or is this a human wearing superman costume ? Shame on this game. Good Walkthrough though.

  4. The reason everyone thinks that all the Superman video-games suck is because none of them "capture the spirit of the character".

    Now, I'm not a programmer, but to tell you the truth, a game that captured the spirit of Superman would be really boring as hell.

    Here's what a real Superman game would be like:

    You fly around beating up everyone and not taking any damage, then Lex Luthor shows up with a load of Green Kryptonite, and you automatically lose. The End.

    Does that sound like a fun game? No, it doesn't.

    I understand that people think a game where you get to be the real Superman would be fun, but it's not possible. A video-game needs to have difficulty, and you need to be able to lose.

    If you really want to feel like Superman, then get a Game Genie, Action Replay, or Game Shark, put in an invincibility code, and presto, you're the invincible, REAL Superman, and all the fun and challenge is gone.

  5. A little tip if you use your flight power to go straight up in the at the door at 3:12 you can fly up the building and if you button mash correctly you can actually land on the top of the building and kill the enemies which activates a hidden cut scene and you get an extra Super Breath 2 icon

  6. I remember playing this when I was 8yrs old. my mom worked at a video store. since me and my younger brother where fans of superman, she got this game from her job. was one of my favorite games at the time….

  7. Lex Luther looks like "Wimpy" the hamburger eating character from "Popeye". A villian with a big nose, big ears, a beer belly, and a smile. How menacing is that?

  8. For some reason I cant find many videos on this game. More suprisingly, there is no speedruns of this game on youtube. Weird. I may start to speedrun this game.


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