Supernatural: Episode 1 (GTA 5 Film) 2019


Supernatural is now in GTA 5 !!! Sam and Dean Winchester are monster hunters. Their lot to saving people, hunting things, the family business. The first episode of many.

Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles
Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki

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  1. This is just small episode of the demonstration. Coming soon second longer episode.

    You can also support my channel so that I can buy good equipment.


    1) PayPal:

    2) Qiwi: +79152132314

    3) yandex money: 41001665860133

  2. Is it sad that if they actually made game a full supernatural game or something like that that I would actually buy and play it hunting monsters and driving around would be cool

  3. Thank you for the work you put into this I loved watching it and much like a lot of supernatural fans I just wish they would give us the game they know we all want I would happily wait several years if I had to , Just so they could do it full justice and give us an open world free roaming game all us fans long for

  4. ждём GTA 6 в 2021 с усовершенствованым редактором и тогда современный ссаный голливуд соснёт причмокивая у Крамера

  5. Just came across your channel man. You did an awesome job here! I'm a big fan of Terminator, RoboCop, and Supernatural.

  6. У тебя огромный талант, парень. Посмотрел твоего Терминатора, он просто шедеврален. Но, чёрт, сверхъестественное? Лучше бы выбрать что-то достойное, как времени зрителей так и твоего. В любом случае, удачи

  7. Крутая работа! Очень прикольно получилось, + лайк 🙂 Будьте добры гляньте на моем канале и мою работу по Сверхъестественному)


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