The 8 Best Solo-Developed Games In Development [2020]


Are you a solo developer working on an indie game in 2020? You may have seen our previous videos discussing top solo developed titles. In this video we are focusing on inspiring single-developer games that are still in development!

We thought it would be great to share these titles now, so that you can follow the devs while they make their games. Hopefully these inspiring solo developers can help motivate your own gamedev journey

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► Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale by GrimWare Games –
► Omno by Studio Inkyfox –
► Hokko Life by Wonderscope –
► Bright Memory: Infinite by FYQD-Studio –
► An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs by Strange Scaffold –
► Way to the Woods by Anthony Tan –
► Dead Static Drive by Fanclub –
► Tunic by Andrew Shouldice –

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  1. Thanks for watching! We've provided links to each game in the description. For more Ask Gamedev, check out Inspiring Single Developer Games! Pt. III

  2. Fun to see more single devs like myself out there! It’s a heck of a lot of work but seeing games like these keeps the motivation flowing!!!

  3. Wow, that's inspiring me again.
    I have built my first game.
    Would you like to give your valuable feedback on it ( )?
    Your feedback would be helpful to me.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Ive been working on my first game as an indie dev, this is completly new to me and very daunting. Ive got an excellent artist onboard now and have partnered with him and we hope to.release our 2d platformer by end of 2021. It is the hardest yet most rewarding thing i think ive ever done. Glad to see others grinding it out too

  5. These games (except maybe one) are so beautiful! Is there still a chance for indie games that are not visually exceptionnal (but have other assets)?

  6. I was really expecting swords magic and stuff in this video. If you haven't heard about it then I strongly encourage you to go check it out. The project keeps blowing me away with each new devlog that's posted.

  7. I am an aspiring game dev and I have a couple questions . Can you request games for developers to make ? Where can I find people that want to make games in Blender ?

  8. Do you consider Deltarune as a solo Dev game in development? Also, one of the coolest ones I've been following is Will You Snail by Jonas Tyroller, definitely worth checking out.


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