"The "Cursed" DS Game You Never Heard Of!" – Haunted Gaming


Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at a game that wishes to remain nameless, a week long adventure that takes you through many locales! Let’s find out the game that we never got! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Hopefully, I can find the iPhone version of this game somewhere!


  2. I knew this game actually from an old top 10 scariest games list. I kinda forget who made the video though

  3. My favorite horror movies are The Thing (1982), the original Halloween, and Alien. I don't normally watch horror movies so, there's that.

  4. Good old muta. Pacific mall gets raided at least twice a week by now lol. Last time I was there it got raided the day after that. Great place to find good shit tho. Just ways away from sauga tho

  5. Omg, I can't believe I finally found someone talking about this game, it is so weird and obscure and I wanna find more games like it!

  6. "Nintendo doesn't care about making it family friendly" Bruh that's an understatement. They literally asked Playboy Magazine to promote Bayonetta. Obviously with characters like Mario they want to keep it family friendly, but they hate making a game lose part of what it is just to lower the age rating.

  7. I've seen listings online for real cartridges for this "The Nameless Game" with the cover looking like what's in this video's thumbnail. Would this be a good buy to try this game?

  8. Loved this game, the gameplay isn't good but the story made me cry so much at the end. Im so happy you used the music from the game in this video.

  9. I this kinda reminds me of a game called Hotel 626. It was a browser game you could only acess via the night and it had similar element. overall scared the living shit out of you

  10. i always wanted this game but never even bothered to ask my parents cause i knew they'd say no :/ now that i live alone im gonna fuck around and order all forbidden ds games i never had and yes i do realise it's a waste of money and frankly quite sad but im just out here trying to fill the voids from my childhood with material possessions i never could afford as a kid so yeah 🙂

  11. homebrew computers – 1970 "sure come join lets make the world better" 2017 – "you rolled a 13 go to jail "


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