The Cursed Forest – Full Gameplay Walkthrough (New Horror Game 2019)


The Cursed Forest is a horror-adventure game in which you will collide with dangerous mystical creature that is living in the autumn forest. You need to make a ritual for release the innocent soul that prisoned in the monstrous appearance.Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. #UGZ #TheCursedForest #Adventure

Release Date: Feb 27, 2019 on PC (Steam)

Immerse yourself in the obscure and mysterious autumnal forest, where every wrong step could be your last. As you travel uncover the dark story behind this place, where beauty and danger have become as one.

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  1. And how am I going to go to the forest after such a game for berries-for blueberries ? (Жутко и просто здорово !)

  2. I've played this on PS4 , and i can tell you one thing. If your afraid alone then don't do this LMAO!

  3. Great, I'm late _(-_-)_/ This game have me some new ideas for my books. Great playthrough btw, I know it means allot to you cuz you worked hard on this game and played it for 2:45:36 which is incredible. I loved this game so much, can't wait to play it myself. And I read the description and the other comments but I'm still slightly confused. Did you say that this game isn't finished yet? If not, then this is gonna be a long game


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