The Goonies – Nes – Full Playthrough – No Death



Player:Heroes Of Xanadu – A longplay of Konami classic Game:Goonies Including all the Special Items!


The Goonies (Gūnīzu?) is a 1986 platform game based on the film of the same name produced by Konami for the Nintendo Family Computer in Japan. It was later ported to the Disk System in 1988.While the game was never officially sold in North America, arcade ports were released there for both the PlayChoice-10 and the Vs. System (coin-operated arcade machines which played NES games). A sequel was released titled The Goonies II and it was later released overseas, outside Japan.The main theme for most of the game is a chiptune rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough”.The player controls Mikey. Mikey can defends himself with a kick, bombs (whose explosions are instantly fatal to Mikey if he’s hit), and a slingshot (found behind doors). Mikey can find diamonds, restoring some


life meter to full if he collects eight. He can also find upgrades that protect him against various hazards such as a firesuit that protects against flames and a set of earmuffs that protect against the music notes cast out by one of the Fratelli brothers.The game roughly follows the film, with stages resembling the restaurant, caverns and a pirate ship. The game also recreates one scene from the film where the Goonies are on a beach watching The Inferno ship sail away.Throughout the journey, Mikey has to find three keys and one Goonie for each level. He does so by using bombs to blow open the doors concealing them. Mikey can advance to next level after finding the three keys, but in order to really “finish” the game, Mikey must also free all the Goonies to access the game’s final level (The Ghost Pirate Ship).


Otherwise, the game will restart from the first level.An army of rats patrol the stages frequently. There are three kinds of Rats — a red one, a yellow one and a white one. The red one needs one hit of kick/slingshot attempt, while the yellow one needs two and the white one is the same as the red one but drops a cross granting temporary invincibility. Jake Fratelli makes an appearance and attempts to attack Mikey by shooting at him and spreading music notes at him. Jake Fratelli cannot be killed, even by bombs; he can only be stunned. After a while, he will get up and continue chasing the player (if still on screen). However, if he is stunned while jumping over a pit, he will fall into it.Here are the Special Items:Headphone.These are found in Stage 1. They will make you impervious to the musical notes shot


at you from the Fratellis.Rain coat.Find this in Stage 2.This will protect you from the steam released from the exhaust jets. It will also allow you to jump through waterfalls without getting hurt.Protects you from water drops falling from the ceiling.Helmet.This is located in Stage 3.It protects you from falling stalactites.Flame suit.Finding this will allow you to walk under the jets of flame in Stage 2 without being damaged.Otherwise you would have to time it just right to make it under the flame and risk getting scorched. You find this in Stage 1.Back pack.This Item is nifty because it allows Mikey to carry 2 bombs at once instead of 1.It is found in Stage 4.Armor suit.Make the player immune to bones and bats.Spring magic shoes.Make the player jump ten time as high as normal,but you can only use them in one screen.



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  1. I only played this version in the arcade. Though not very many arcades had them. My mall arcade was the only place that had that was close to me.

    But I went to a place called Raz-Ma-Tazz in New Jersey. This was my go-to arcade when I went there. And it always seemed like I was the only person who played it? I never seen it being played by other people? Once in a while I did, but when I was playing I never had any other people put their quarters up on the arcade to indicate they wanted to play after I used up all my lives?

    But that just gave me more time to play. That worked for me. And it was such a fun game to play too!

  2. One of the first Metroidvanias ever made. While it had no bosses, you had to deal with the Fratellis, and in later stages, you had to confront a ghost that may be One-Eyed Willy's.

    On a side note, you must rescue ALL the Goonies, or else, you won't be able to play the final stage because you will be sent back to Stage 1.

  3. Este nunca lo he jugado, pero la verdad no me dan ganas de jugarlo, con saber que se basa en una película hollywoodense.


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