The Opening Series — Part 1: Direct Approach & Tonality


NOTE: With the recent attacks on my channel, (Three videos taken down for bogus copyright claims I think it’s more important than ever to let you know where to find me.

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Probably what I’m best known for: Teaching the fine details of game. In this series on opening, I’m going to systematically teach you everything I know, in the most practical and actionable way possible. I’m pretty much going to do everything for you… except drag you out of the house and make you actually take action. You have to do that on your own.


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  1. It’s so funny watching infield videos. When I was 18 I used to think holy shit how are they doing this it seems like they always knew exactly what to say. Now, 4 years later, after improving my social skills it’s like oh they are barely doing anything besides having normal boring conversations it’s really not that special afterall.

  2. Just wonderful, I have been researching "pick up artist free" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Cebaarvel Feminine Flirter – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

  3. why doesn't this guy just teach men how to go after women and not giving a shit about the outcome from the heart. If the heart is changed then body language, speech, and everything comes out the right way. But, I guess then this guy would be out of a job teaching people game.

  4. I just read Neil Strauss-The game.The hardest part of pickuping for no expeerienced man is to find balls to just start talk.Because we re scary, we start to talk about shits, and she doesn t know that u re interested in her.

  5. *i know this guy has a product that he wants to sell so he’ll only show u hits not the misses, show all the misses before u got that hit…no disrespect but its like FAKES CALLING THEMSELVES NATTIES, u know EVERYTHING REALLY JUST COMES DOWN TO AALIYAH IF AT FIRST U DONT SUCCEED…*

  6. I honestly don't see this working outside of the US – perhaps in a couple of major cities like London and Paris you might get away with it with groups of tourists etc. There is a major issue at the very heart of this approach – it's fundamentally low status. No man who is busy doing important stuff in life is going to waste his time chasing women in the street with the very likely outcome he won't be successful regardless of how good a catch he is or how good his game is. In my city in the UK, this would be considered pathological behaviour – I've literally never seen it and I've been going out three times a week for about thirteen years. I've done street pulls before, at the ATM and I've seen it done at music festivals – but that's on the strip on a Saturday night. Mostly in the streets, it's Yardies and builders shouting at women.

    Most people are not, nor do they wish to be pick up artists. They want to be successful men, who have good options on who they date and sleep with. Once you've done things like promoting your own club-night, where you get paid and get the best women, without even trying to pull – going after chicks in the street looks like bottom feeder stuff. Even though Todd is incredibly skilled at what he does, I guarantee he gets a significant amount of rejections this way – and that's with American girls. Trying this with European girls in the day-time is just going to be 100 approaches for 6 numbers, for one pull – that's if you're good.

  7. Hey, pro tip from someone who used to think like Todd

    Do not listen to Todd and do not approach random women going about their bussiness like a weirdo, You have so much more potential than manipulating a random girl you have no common interests with to begrudgingly walk into a store with you while she is being secretly filmed then parting ways with her instantly after the camera is done rolling. While confidence is key and he has some great points, Todd displays a lot of narcissistic tendencies, That's not to say there isn't hope for him too but he has a long way to go and I personally think he's very oblivious to a lot of social signals of discomfort and disinterest, That being said I feel like he is spreading a very dangerous ideology here that does real world damage to young men and women alike all over the world, that you are somehow bound to your desire for sex and intimacy in order to respect yourself. (two things which aren't mutually exclusive) If you are looking for a relationship or at least women to be in your life my best advice is that you stop seeking the approval of women and start on the path to respecting yourself in your everyday life, whether that be empowering yourself in finding a job or developing a skill or even seeing a therapist and working on the issues behind your lack of genuine self confidence, figure out what it is that's bringing you here and fortify your weaknesses, or better yet learn to respect yourself in spite of those things. It will take more time than It might take to maybe secure a date and if you're lucky an awkward one night stand at best using todd's techniques but the payoff with be vastly more redeeming. The presupposition that Todd is working with here is that somehow attractive women are inherently more important than an average looking man and that their time and attention should be won when in reality they are just people who go about their lives as anyone else would without such a glaring inferiority complex that they need to compensate by presenting themselves as objects whose sole purpose is to receive affection. Do not beg for women's time and start making time for yourself, stop scaring them by listening to Todd. Your purpose on this earth is what you choose and If you're going to just play a numbers game and try to up your body count or please and impress someone who wants no part in your life you will never be satisfied. Do what you will but it is no one's obligation to interact with you and be subject to psychological mind games like this, Walk into any situation with women with an open heart and positive intentions that don't include sex and you will be surprised how many amazing women will actually respect you as both a friend and potentially a love interest if things escalate to that point. Trust me you will be more confident if you have more genuine female friendships than sexual partners, It will help you understand the more wholesome dynamics between men and women and provide you with more opportunities for genuine connections based on real chemistry as opposed to one off conversations that lead nowhere and leave you hollow. 
    You decide your value. no one else.

  8. Just to motivate people
    I lost my virginity a few months back to a elementary school teacher who makes more money than me and was 4 years older than me. She also wanted to pay for my date and drove me home a long distance. Then on the third date she came to my place and we had sex after watching a climbing documentary. She was pretty and sweet, but insecure

  9. This opener is good if you can be certain that the girl is overaged. I once went direct, turns out the girl was 15…

  10. 12:56 isn't she creeped out by the camera man behind? In all fairness, the girl could be staged. Just saying, not hating.


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