Unboxing 2PM 투피엠 6th Studio Album Gentlemen's Game (Limited Edition)


Unboxing/Review of 2PM 투피엠 Sixth Korean Full Length Studio Album (Vol.6) Gentlemen’s Game (Limited Version).
Bought from Catchopcd.

The Album comes with a CD, Lyrics fold out, Photobook with random member cover and a randomly selected Photocard.

Tracks on the CD:
1. Promise (I’ll be)
2. Uneasy
3. Giv u Class.
4. Make Love
5. 시도때도없이
6. Never
7. 콧노래
8. 어때?
9. 향수
10. My Last
11. Can’t Stop Feeling

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  1. Wanna ask me something? No problem, but check this FAQ Post first:
    – Where I bought the item I unbox is always written in the description, as well as the track list and contents.
    – My upcoming unboxings are listed in the about section of my channel (I don't do requests, but I always unbox the kpop albums/goods that I buy).
    – My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you'll find linked in the description.
    – I no longer do sponsorships. The items I unbox I bought myself, I work ouside of Youtube as an Archivist (which is my main source of income).
    – I usually don't answer comments on how much something cost me to buy, because I honestly can't remember 99 out of a 100 times.

  2. My album arrived just today and I had an unpleasant surprise! The CD came crooked 🙁 I think that the only reason for this to happen is the design of the album.. I can't even listen to the songs 🙁

  3. Two Question's do you listen to the albums when you buy them? Or do you just buy them for reviewing? 😃👋💜

  4. my question is this why didnt they put all 6 postcard in box and one random folded photo. just a question

  5. Me looking for album in the philippines Shit how do i even order? Shit how do i even pay? T^T seriously waiiiii ;o;

    getting really jealous WAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! (you made your point) T^T

  6. The logo designed by Nichkhun. It's king chess piece with double G (Gentlemen's Game) on top. I can't wait until mine arrive.

  7. Haha when I noticed this version it was already sold out on Yesasia lol. Yeah the cd placement could have been better. You got my favorite member's cover/poster 😀 I love this album so much!

  8. Oh! you got Nichkhun! He looks so handsome in that picture :3 Can't wait mine arrives. I also want Nichkhun's photobook cover, it's not my ultimate bias but I love how he looks there 🙂

  9. Ah! I tried to get the limited edition one but they sold out before I had the chance; Jun. K is my ultimate bias so I'm very jealous. Great unboxing!


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